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How to make Google love your website


How to make Google love your website

Everyone wants Google to love their website. This is because the more Google loves their website then the higher they will appear in searches.  As you proberly know from your own Google searches most people only look through the top page of results which means that anything after that is going to get minimal views. In this post i will explain some of the best ways that you can get Google to love your website.

Search engine friendly permalinks

Changing the permalink on your website is a simple but very effective way to get a higher search ranking. Having a permalink which is (postid=123) is much harder for Google to rank than a permalink with your post name in. You can view our full post on creating a better permalink here.

Do not use duplicate content

A very popular thing done by bloggers these days but believe it or not Google knows that you have just copied and pasted that from another website and this will seriously lower your rankings in Google searches. You do not want duplicate content ruining your SEO campaign.

Meta tags

The description and keywords meta tags are what is mots important to Google. These meta tags should provide Google with a good idea of what your page is about. The meta description is what you can see in Google searches explaining about the website. Make sure you optimize these with strong keywords and a relevant description. As well as this make sure the description is different for every page or post.

Lot’s of high quality content

Users searching Google are usually looking for high quality content, and lot’s of it. Because of this Google also wants you to provide a good amount of high quality content for your visitors. This is why Google will rank pages which it cant see lots of content on at a better position in searches.


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