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Making the most of the 404 page


Making the most of the 404 page

When a page is missing or spelt wrong on your website visitors are redirected to your 404 page.  Usually 404 pages are just text displaying page cannot be found. However this does not mean you should just run with the standard text. The 404 page is a page that you can completely customize how you want and to try and do something as unusual as possible.

Consistent Website Design

Your 404 page is no different than any other page on your website in terms of how it should look. For this reason you should make your 404 page blend in with the rest of your website. Your 404 page feel like the rest of your site with a similar layout and theme ans the same widgets.

Be unique

Try to make your 404 page stand out and make it a memorable experience. Instead of the usual “Page cannot be found” Try to think of something unique that will make your visitors remember.


Including links on your 404 page is a great idea. Visitors who end up on this page are proberly lost. For this reason include links to some of your best pages what your visitors will want to read about. This will help increase your websites traffic and conversion rates.

A nice 404 page:


If you view the link you can see that this is a great example of a 404 page. It has a animation as well as sounds and text. This a a page that will make you remember the website and hopefully tell others about it. Your page is what you make it You can include video text and graphics as well as advertisements. Hopefully this has inspired you to try and create a unique and stand out 404 page. you can also view some more examples at the following link . 404 Error pages- reloaded

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