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WordPress essentials – essential WordPress plugins

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WordPress essentials – essential WordPress plugins

When creating a first WordPress website there are some plugins that you are definitely going to need. In this post you will see our top 5 essential WordPress plugins for your site.

1.Spam free WordPress

Spam protection for WordPress is a must have and Spam Free WordPress is no exception. This great plugin automatically blocks spam comments from appearing on your WordPress site. This is also the only plugin that claims 100% accuracy. We use this plugin and can say we rarely see any sort of spam comment. This is a definite to keep your site spam free.


When managing a WordPress site you may often wonder how much traffic you are actually getting. Well countize is the only traffic counter you will need.  It offers many more features than its other competitors. You can view hourly, daily and weekly stats. and view where you care getting the most hits from. Counterize is all you will need for traffic management.

3.WP Touch

WordPress sites can often be heavy loading and not very mobile friendly. However with WP-Touch it all changes. When your site is viewed from a mobile device a proffesional and great looking theme is displayed. You can also use the admin section to easily customize the style of the mobile theme.

4.BPS Security

With WordPress security is a high priority for a blogger. However BPS Security makes it easy. You will be Protected from nearly every type of  WordPress hack you can think of, including MySQL injection. BulletProof security is fast and easy to use and it is a must have these day with any WordPress website.

5.Online Backup for WordPress

With the amount of time and effort that goes into any WordPress site you want to make sure that it is all safely backed up and protected in case anything goes wrong. Well with this plugin it is. You get MB free online secure storage to backup your site with. Online backups can be a life saver when something goes Wrong with WordPress.

startup today

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