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About Me

Startup Today was started on 27th July 2011 by me. I decided to start blogging after spending months reading other blogs such as ProBlogger and Income Diary. I did not have any previous experience in blogging or using WordPress and made a lot of mistakes at first; especially with making money online. I was happy when I achieved just 30 visitors a day at first and I found it hard to increase my traffic for many months. eventually after 6 months I had my first person contact me and ask to submit a sponsored post to my blog which I had never even thought of before. This is when I became hungry to expand my blog and took an interest in making money online. After reading many different blogs that gave me the same recycled information I spent a lot fo my time experimenting with different methods and eventually found methods that work for me.

I still spend a lot of my time still blogging today and have an ever-growing interest for digital business and social media. I also do some freelance work from time to time in blogging and social media.  You can also hire me.

About this blog

Startup Today is focused on helping other people with blogging and starting their own online business.  Posts are on blogging, business, making money, social media , WordPress and technology.

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