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5 Secrets To increase Your Online Revenue With Social Media


5 Secrets To increase Your Online Revenue With Social Media

Social media has grew rapidly over the last few years and is now a part of most people’s lives. We use social media everyday for many different reasons such as talking to friends or promoting our latest products online. However if you are looking to make money online through any revenue stream then social media could play an important part in helping you achieve maximum profit. One thing I love about social media is that it can be used by anyone and any business, it does not matter how much of an expert you are or what niche you are in online.

my main reason for using social media these days is to promote my blog content. By promoting my blog I can find new readers and this means more revenue. However the same principle applies for finding customers to any business and by using social media you can see huge gains in the amount of revenue you see from social media. In this post I am going to share with you five top secrets to use social media to boost your online income.

Reward your fans/followers with promotions and discounts

Everyone wants to save money on their favourite brands and are far more likely to buy a product if there is some sort of discount available. By offering special promotions to your followers on social networks you get a quick boost in sales and increase your online exposure. Your followers on social networks are the people who are going to be most interested in buying your products if that are at a discount price as they are already going to be interested in your brand. However if they see a great discount then they are going to recommend it to their friends as well, giving you maximum exposure and maximizing your sales.

I have used social networks to provide a few discounts to my followers and every time I have noticed a boost in sales and also the amount of followers I have as users follow me to see when my next promotion is going to be so that they can take advantage.

Be a person and not a business

social networks are a place to socialize with other people, not be bombarded with brands constantly promoting their products. One thing that is going to make me unfollow you on Twitter is if all I see you doing is trying to sell me products. To run a successful social media campaign you need to be interacting with other users and sharing quality content that people want to see. The best way to get a bigger following on social networks is to entertain people as this is the reason that they will follow you.

From my experience I have found that sending 70 percent entertaining posts and 30 percent posts related to business and promoting my products works well. By doing this I give other users a reason to follow me but see the results I need to get my products sold online.

Affiliate marketing can work great on social networks

One of the biggest reasons that people will buy a product is because they have had it recommended to them by someone who they trust. Social networks create the perfect place to recommend products to other users. If you have a large following on social networks because you are entertaining then when you recommend a product then people are going to be interested if they are interested. If you are using affiliate links here then you could easily make a large commission. For example if you made £10 per affiliate sale and you had 10,000 followers then if just one percent of  people brought the product that you are recommending then that would be 100 sales. That is £1000  !

One of the hardest things that I have found when affiliate marketing on social networks is building up trust online. interacting with other users on social networks and telling them about you is one way to build up your trust online. Another way to use affiliate links in social media is to place then on a blog post reviewing the product and then post an update linking back to your blog post.

Be influential and sell sponsored posts

I have seen a few success stories lately by people setting up parody accounts, getting a large online following and then selling sponsored posts. This could potentially be a very profitable little business that is going to have no direct costs and you could potentially just spend a few hours a week on it. Parody and inspiring accounts work best for this as users are going to follow you, just because of your entertaining posts and a lot of them will share your posts with their friends which is going to get you a larger following.

There are quite a few websites that you can use to sell sponsored posts on your social network accounts which means that businesses will be  coming to you. one thing that I would recommend is setting up timed posts to be sent automatically so that you do not need to spend time trying to post individual posts all of the time.

Network with others and ask them to help you

Networking with other users is one of the most important features of social networks that you can not ignore. I personally find that influential people on social networks can give a massive boost to your following and trust online. There are millions of people who you can network with online. Influential people online have a lot od trust and if they recommend your products then people are going to be interested.

I am the founder of Startup Today. I am the main writer and have put in many hours of work into creating this blog. If you want to find out more about me then lets get in contact.

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