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3 WordPress plugins your blog needs


3 WordPress plugins your blog needs

There is so many WordPress plugins out there now that it can be hard to find  one that right for your website, this is why you are about to see the top 3 wordpress plugins that your blog needs and why they have been chosen.

3. Facebook Like and Share , Twitter , Google +1 , Google buzz buttons

this is what has been chosen for third place. We like this widget because it lets you easily add Facebook, Twitter and Google buttons to your posts with out needing to add them separately. you can also customize the sizeof each button and Chose just what buttons you want to show.

2. Spam free WordPress

This is a must have plugin for all WordPress users where comments can be made on their posts. It blocks 100% of spam comments from getting onto your posts saving you time as you do not have to constantly remove them. As well as this it makes your blog look more proffesional without spam comments.

1. WP Touch

WP Touch is a mush have for bloggers and website owners these days as it mobile optimizes your site giving it a new feel on mobiles which makes your website more enjoyable and instantly loading. Without this your website will still have its usual theme when viewed by a mobile which can make it hard to view on mobile phones.

WP-Touch being viewed from a iPhone.


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