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Can SEO be Referred to as Marketing?


Can SEO be Referred to as Marketing?

SEO is not equal to marketing. Marketing when expressed in the simplest form is the process, which is responsible for identifying, satisfying, and anticipating the customer requirements in terms of profit. There are many more definitions regarding marketing but out of these, many miss out from the key point. While the best one tends to revolve around the concept of benefits to the customers as individually. Seeking keywords that are used by different audience and creating effective links from other websites to benefit your site do not fit in the criteria for the definition. We were very curious on investing the different marketing principles that we had learned in due time whether they were applicable on Search Engine Optimization or not and if these chances could be used to make the effective chances or not? However, before all that we will require a quick view of the lessons in marketing.

In 1985, some academics (Parasuraman, Berry and Zeithyml) created a model, which was known as SERVQUAL in order to test the quality of the service. The model devised is still being used by many corporates; this is one of the accurate methods for measuring the quality of the service. This model essentially measures the individual belief on any particular service before the familiarity on their view of the service after using it, which results in quantitative and measurable data. The excellent scholars have proved that whenever a person judges the quality of the service they will end up in making up the judgment based on five different points:

  • Assurance
  • Responsiveness
  • Tangible evidence
  • Reliability
  • Empathy

Google had already made the fact known to all that the Panda algorithm was created to create a more human like interface for interaction with the websites and the sites should be optimized for the users and not the search engines in particular. Therefore, if the internet future is based on the user experience then it will be better from a SEO perspective to explore how the users tend to judge a website.

Let us take a look on all the updates adopted by Google for better experience of the users and see if fit in any of the characteristics.

Presence of broken internal links

The entire process of search right from the first click to the landing of the SERP to your webpages should be done in an uninterrupted manner. If a user lands on your site and then clicks on a particular product for more information but does not get any more information regarding the product, then why would they trust you regarding their personal card information. Especially when your simple product didn’t responded according to the norms.

Google expects that the Webmaster will avoid spammers and other relevant web sources that destroy the quality of your site. The important marketing thing to understand is that you should realize the importance of your marketing segment. Post realization of that particular segment you should stick within the limits of that particular segment. On a whole, Google is ensuring that your ASSURANCE to the prospective customers is good and also the information that you are supposed to process in correct. Let us take an example, if you are the sole owner of a brick and mortal shop that sells the jewellery at an effective price then you would not advertise in London fish market or some Chip store. Your customers would not expect such thing and it does not happen on the Internet world as well.

Keywords being overused

When you visit a shop and you notice that every assistant is poking at you and would not leave you alone. They will keep chanting about the best or highest selling product in the market. All this will make you hate the website all more. The same way Google tend to view your website when you stuff your posts with excessive same set of keywords. You do not need to EMPATHISE with the same set of information over and over again. The following should be the features of the contents posted by the webmasters:

  • Quality and interesting content that is updated regularly
  • The content should be easy to the eyes and should devoid of any auto-generated content
  • Overlapping of the article should be avoided
  • The advertisement ratio should be not high

TANGIBLE EVIDENCE and the RELIABILITY of any particular website can effectively make considerable amount of difference to the trust of your users.

Take for example many customers will wish a brick and mortar to have new and relevant decor or catalogues. All of which are relevant to the product or services being sold in the market.

Finally, many customers will be baffled when they enter a shop and see hundreds of advertisements on the wall, which has no relevant information regarding the products sold in the market. This practice will certainly be very weird. Again, to gain some financial profits websites ignore this matter and paste the advertisements on their site.



Try to analyze your website as if you would be looking at a store, realize the market and give them the required service and product. Also, make sure your website has the best customer experience and you will have all the required SEO.


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