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5 Ways to Create a Positive Company Culture


5 Ways to Create a Positive Company Culture

Building a great team takes much more than than just bringing the right people together. Your business also needs to create a culture in the workplace that promotes camaraderie and a real sense of commitment to the company.

If your company culture is a constructive one, team members thrive. Follow these five tips to build a compelling company environment.

  1. Make It About More Than Making Money

Study after study indicates that job seekers, millennials in particular, increasingly look for employment in companies with a strong commitment to giving back. Studies also indicate that employees who work for company that makes it a priority to routinely give to charitable causes are more effective and creative.

Philanthropist and entrepreneur Sanjay Shah has a history of combining humanitarian and business efforts to the benefit of both his community and commercial efforts. In fact, Shah,  believes a mission of giving back is one of the most important aspects of building a highly creative and dedicated team.

Entrepreneur Richa Gupta, founder of Turmeric Teas and Good Food for Good, echoes those sentiments as well. Gupta explains, “We often want to build stronger team relationships, so why not do it in a way you give back while doing so?”

Methods for giving back and conducting business in a socially conscious way may include small things, such as providing recycling bins in the workplace, to larger events, such as fundraisers. To truly motivate team members, they have to see that the company they work for has a mission beyond making money. Its mission must include actions that make the world a better place.

  1. Show Your Gratitude

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and become complacent about just how good your team is. One of the biggest employee motivators, however, is the belief that the work they do is is important and appreciated.

If you’ve fallen out of the habit of showing appreciation, it’s time to jump back in. A simple thank you can make a huge impact on the employee happiness scale. Show your gratitude, both in words and actions. Celebrate milestones, personal as well as in-office. Never take an employee for granted.

  1. Let Them In on the Big Picture

It’s difficult to get excited about a project if you have no idea why you’re doing it. That’s why it’s important to let team members in on the Big Picture. Explain to them how their project fits in with the company’s goal. Build an atmosphere of cohesion, emphasising how, with teamwork, the company can reach a specific goal. Give each employee a sense of purpose and empowerment.

  1. Listen and Engage

Your day is full, but if you don’t take the time to engage and communicate with team members, the team will collapse.

Speak with each team member periodically to find out how they’re doing, if they have everything they need to work and how you can help. If they seem reluctant to speak, draw them out with specific questions. Ask them what they need to work more efficiently. Ask if there are changes they’d like to make them happier and more satisfied. And then listen to the answers. You may not be able to provide everything an employee suggests, but make sure the team member knows you’re listening and taking them seriously.

  1. Be Quick to Adapt

The work environment changes. That happy group you worked hard to build can be undone for any number of reasons. Be quick to step in if required, mediate or make changes to better meet the new team dynamics.

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