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Why Your Published Videos Don’t Gain Traction


Why Your Published Videos Don’t Gain Traction

While videos for online marketing are gaining popularity, it doesn’t mean that if you follow the trend, your efforts will be successful. You should be creative in determining what to include in the content. If your website didn’t gain attention even when you released videos before, you must do something else. Here are things you should reconsider if you wish to publish popular content that’s engaging to viewers. 

The content is boring 

No one wants to spend time watching a boring video. It doesn’t matter if it’s only a minute long. If deemed boring, people will skip it. The content must be interesting enough for anyone to spend time viewing it until the end. 

You’re doing what someone else already did 

You don’t want to use concepts that other companies have already employed in their videos. Repetitive concepts are boring and forgettable. You might also get accused of plagiarism, and you don’t want to get into legal trouble because you weren’t original. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with getting inspired by other people’s works, as long as you don’t copy the entire concept. 

You’re not doing well with online marketing

You should also consider online marketing as you publish these videos. It doesn’t matter if your videos are fascinating. If no one sees them, they won’t be of value. Try your best to focus on online marketing and sell the videos and other content to potential customers.

You’re doing everything alone

You worry since you have no one else to depend on. When you work with content experts like EXPRE, you will feel more confident with the results. Creating quality videos will be easier since they help make your vision come to life. Besides, you have other things to worry about, and you can’t pour everything on video creation alone. These experts’ input will help you stay consistent in publishing videos. 

You’re always advertising

Just because you intend to use these videos for advertising doesn’t mean it’s the only reason for creating the content. You can’t advertise all the time since it’s annoying to potential customers. Imagine if someone follows you wherever you go and asks you to buy a product. It’s the same thing as constant advertising on videos. So it’s better to use entertainment or information as the primary purpose of publishing the videos. 

Your competitors are doing a great job

You can’t only think of ways to improve your marketing videos and execute them right away. You should also check them relative to what your competitors have published. Make sure that you do better. You don’t have to copy what they do, but analyse which areas they’re outperforming you. Don’t feel discouraged if you have difficulty catching up. Anything can happen with video marketing; some even become an overnight success because of one video that went viral. You will soon achieve the same success if you find the perfect balance. 

Hopefully, you will change your approach to creating videos. Keep trying until you find what your target audiences wish to see. Then, analyse the results based on the gathered data and decide what you can improve.

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