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Is Voice Search Destined to Become the Future of eCommerce?


Is Voice Search Destined to Become the Future of eCommerce?

Remember the early search engine days? The only way to find a website or information online was to type in a structured search phase, such as hotels with cats and dogs in Minnesota. With inventions like smartphones and voice search, people have more options and flexibility. They can find the nearest coffee shops while driving, order pizzas without picking up their phones, and locate their next purchases on a whim.

But, will voice search become the new way everyone finds and buys products online? Current statistics and research say yes, with more shoppers expected to use voice search to make purchases versus shopping in physical stores. Let’s look at three of the reasons voice search is destined to become the future of eCommerce.

Consumer Behaviors are Changing

As more buyers learn about voice search, they’re using it. Over the past 10 years, voice searches increased by 1,000%. That’s an impressive boost all by itself. As shoppers realize the benefits voice searches can provide, they’re making the switch.

Convenience and saving time and money are the main reasons the use of voice assistants is on the rise. Consumers are realizing it takes less time for a voice assistant to look up and find applicable products. People can also compare prices between stores and online retailers more efficiently when they conduct voice searches. 

A voice search will bring up all the places the desired product is available, complete with price points. As a result, frequent voice assistant users tend to spend more with online retailers. This is in comparison to online shoppers who don’t rely on voice searches to find available stores or products and services.  

Companies are Jumping on the Bandwagon

Another reason voice search is the future of eCommerce is that more companies are embracing the technology. Perhaps these organizations are simply meeting consumer demand, but more devices have built-in voice assistants. Laptop operating systems, smartphones, and smart home hubs all leverage voice-assistant technology. 

In fact, it’s rare to buy a device that isn’t compatible with voice assistants. Voice-assistant technology is something people use to control everything from light bulbs to thermostats and smart locks. While it’s possible to live a productive life without a voice assistant, companies aren’t leaving it out of product and service lineups. 

As smart devices become more widespread in homes and businesses, voice assistants won’t be optional. Office managers that need to order supplies and homeowners that want to buy groceries will be doing so with the help of voice searches. 

Voice Searches Make Businesses Money

Voice searches are profitable for businesses. Ad revenue from voice searches will continue to grow, although it’s already in the billions. Companies are starting to see that voice searches are reshaping how consumers find out about products and services.

Online content is more conversational to adapt to the nuances of voice search technology. Plus, voice searches can bring up more display ads, native advertising, and online video commercials. More exposure means a greater chance of being seen and converting leads.

As it stands, voice search will become the future of eCommerce. Consumers are relying on the technology’s conveniences, such as saving time and money. Businesses are adapting to emerging changes in buyers’ behaviors by integrating voice search capabilities into more devices. Leaders are also realizing the marketing potential voice assistants can bring.  

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