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Keys To Growing An Online Newspaper


Keys To Growing An Online Newspaper

Looking to start an online newspaper? The first thing I would like to say to you is: good luck.

In a flooded market, it can often be almost impossible to garner the attention of the masses. Since mainstream media outlets and newspapers have been forced out of local corner shops and newsagents and onto the world wide web, the internet has become inundated with news sources. While rise of relevance of online media has given some non-mainstream media outlets an opportunity to garner large readerships, not all ventures into the media industry are guaranteed successes.

Below is a list of key steps you need to take in order to grow your online newspaper, and give yourself every opportunity to make this venture a successful one.

Work with dedicated people you can trust

You can not do this alone, so do not try to. Find like-minded people who share the same aspirations as you, and have the necessary drive to push your online newspaper into the mainstream media circles. Ensure that these people are given a good reason to stay at the media outlet for a lengthy period of time. I would suggest giving editorial responsibilities to those you feel you can just on a personal and a professional level. Entrusting people with editorial responsibilities will undoubtedly give them the incentive to devote their time to making the online newspaper as successful as it could be.

Work hard and lead by example

It is essential that, in the early stage of your online newspaper’s life-cycle, you make your colleagues aware of your dedication to the media outlet. Maintain regular contact with everyone that you have enlisted to contribute to the publication; plan daily content and give article suggestions; and – most importantly – write a large quantity of articles. If you show dedication, other will to.

Produce regular content in multiple languages

It can not be understated how important the production of regular, up-to-date content is. The more articles that are published on the website, the more likely the website is to gain online traction. In this day and age, It only takes one article to go viral to legitimise your media outlet. By publishing at least 15 per day, you will ensure that you give yourself the best possible chance to produce viral content. It can also be hugely beneficial to your online newspaper to also produce foreign language media content. By producing content in multiple languages, you will substantially increase the size of your potential readership.

Develop a large social media presence

Social media is a fantastic tool that can be utilised to promote your online newspaper. Maintain a regular presence on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in order to create a large social media following. New media outlets such as have become hugely profitable due in large part to the fact that they were able to gain a large social media presence. Take a look at how outlets like and the BBC use social media to promote their content, and follow their lead.

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