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The Modern Way to Attract New Talent to Your Company


The Modern Way to Attract New Talent to Your Company

Old recruitment methods aren’t quite dead, but it’s certainly not the right way to attract new talent to your business. One of the biggest issues with recruitment is that it never seems to change or upgrade. Basic questions like “what do you want from our company?” can be seen in many different ways. It could be a way to judge your new recruit or it could just be a question you ask because you were taught to 10 years ago.

Instead of following old guides and tropes on how to recruit new employees, here are a few modern ways to attract talent to your company. From qualifications to boring and bland questions that don’t reveal their personality, here are a few ways to improve methods.

Throw away the old question sheet

Stop with the bland questions. Personalise your interview not with questions to ask, but targets. For instance, one target might be to find out how much experience the new hopeful has. Ask them questions about their past and engage them by giving them questions that require a detailed answer that reveal their personality. Don’t lead them on by asking a simple yes or no question, ask them questions with open-ended answers that require thought.

For instance, if you notice an employment gap in their resume, don’t instantly assume they lost their job and ask them a  basic question such as “why did you not work during this period?”. Ask them something that demands more detail, such as “what made you want to leave the company you were previously working for?”.

Background checks prior to interview

Services like uCheck allow you to save a lot of time in the recruitment process because they’ll give you detailed information about someone’s past employment as well as their history. This makes it very easy for you to check their history to see if their claims are consistent and it doesn’t take much personal effort of your own. In the current age of technology, you should also ask to see your employee’s social media accounts if possible. This can help you determine their attitude and how they present themselves publicly, a very important consideration if you’re hiring someone for marketing or another public role.

Gauging their ability

Asking questions and talking can get boring and it doesn’t showcase how much the employee knows. Instead of simply looking at their resume and believing it, run a few tests or ask them to show their portfolio. In most cases, a portfolio is far more reliable as a performance metric than qualifications. You can even test them on other related tasks, such as health and safety practices or by presenting them a completely fictional situation and ask what they would do in the situation.

Utilise social media

With millions of users around the world that are on social media every day, it makes websites like Twitter and Facebook excellent platforms to recruit talent. A simple Twitter message that you post could spread to hundreds of different social media circles, resulting in a lot of exposure for your job opening. This typically works better if the job opening is something that can be done remotely, but with most businesses utilising outsourcing, that shouldn’t be a problem.

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