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Want To Boost Business? Your Office Could Be The Answer


Want To Boost Business? Your Office Could Be The Answer

If you’re looking for ways to boost business, make your staff happier and create an overall better working environment- how about upgrading your office? If you’re still working from the same cramped space, you rented when you first started up, once you are turning a healthy profit it’s something that’s well worth looking into. It’s useful if you have customers and clients who come to your office since a nice office will make a good impression, but even if it’s just you and your staff, it’s a good investment you can make into your business. Here are a few things to bear in mind!


Whether you are moving to a new premises or just reworking the space you have, the first thing you should look at is the layout. The way you position things like desks can make a huge impact. You want everyone to be able to move around freely without it feeling cramped or claustrophobic, and ideally, you will have different spaces for a variety of tasks. For example, quieter areas could be for one-on-one meetings and phone calls, and larger more open areas would be useful for collaborative and group work. Aim to position desks close to windows, since natural light has been shown to boost mood and productivity. And is far better overall than relying solely on artificial light.


Good computers equipped with the right software will make everyone’s job easier. Staff will be able to be more productive, and it will mean no time wasted and better profits for your business. Desks and chairs which have been ergonomically designed will prevent strain and injury and ensure staff are kept happy and comfortable. Good quality telephones, printers and other pieces of equipment again make everything more efficient.


These days more offices than ever are attempting to go paperless, and with more and more tasks now being able to be tackled online it will be a possibility for everyone at some point. However, for now, many businesses are still bogged down with mountains of paperwork- files and archives that need to be stored away. The right storage in the office is essential, however, unless these are things that need to be accessed on a regular basis it could make more sense to store them elsewhere. Look into local business storage units, this then either frees up space in your office or allows you to rent smaller (and therefore cheaper) premises.

Communal Areas

A space for your employees to work and go about their daily tasks is the most important thing, but another space you could create in your office is a social/ communal area. Somewhere staff can sit during lunch and breaks, so they don’t have to keep going off site. A coffee machine, some comfortable chairs, even a pool table depending on how far you wanted to go with it. If you’re on the hunt for new premises, how about finding something with a kitchenette or separate staff room?

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