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SocialLink For iOS Transforms How We Connect On Social Media


SocialLink For iOS Transforms How We Connect On Social Media

Connecting with new people on social networks is not the easiest of jobs, especially if you are out and need to try to search social networks to find friends. SocialLink has changed the way that we can connect with friends on social networks and instantly sends friend requests and follows via Bluetooth whenever you meet someone and want to connect. If the other user does not have SocialLink installed then you can use the email feature to share links to your social media profiles.

SocialLink currently works with major social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter which I was impressed with as I often see a lot of social media applications that tend to miss out Instagram and LinkedIn. At first you need to set up your social media accounts with the SocialLink application. Once you have done this you can search using Bluetooth for nearby devices to connect to and then select the social networks that you which to connect on.


The interface of the SocialLink is minimalistic and professional. All of the steps are easy to follow and you do not need to be an expert to use SocialLink. What I liked is the small number of steps that it took for me to get set-up with SocialLink and start connecting with friends. The interface has a Link button on that you use to connect with other devices once you are set-up on the app. When you press this your device starts to search for nearby devices to connect to so that you can begin connecting. There is also an Email option which allows you to instantly send an email to someone not using the app; the email will also include a link for the recipient to download SocialLink to their device.

For me I can imagine this app being most useful when I am out in places such as restaurants or conferences and want to connect with friends on social networks. The main advantage for me will be how time-saving the app is as I will not need to waste time searching through social networks to connect with my friends which can often be difficult when using a mobile.

The SocialLink application is FREE to download from the app store now and the current version is 1.3. SocialLink is compatible iOS 5.1 onwards and is also iPhone 5 optimised so iPhone 5 users can get the benefit of using the full length of the screen.

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