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3 Call Centre Trends That Will Elevate Your Business


3 Call Centre Trends That Will Elevate Your Business

If you want to elevate your business, you’ll want to optimize every aspect of your company’s operations, including your call centre.

Luckily for you, you’re in the right place. We’re going to explore three call centre trends that will help you make the most out of this resource.

Using Best-of-Breed Contact Centre Solutions

Recently, we’ve seen more businesses enjoying the benefits of call centre software or contact centre as a service (CCaaS). This software provides users with a mixture of automated and live communications (both inbound and outbound). With a solution like this, you can offer customers a wide range of communication channels, including:

  • SMS text messaging
  • Email
  • Online chat
  • Social media
  • Mobile and telephone calls

You can manage and handle all these communication streams conveniently from one place. This works wonders for providing smooth customer support to your consumers.

Top-notch customer support is imperative for building a loyal following of customers; in fact, 73 percent of shoppers remain loyal to a brand because of the quality of customer service on offer.

Cloud Migration

Contact centre as a service solutions tend to be cloud-based; therefore, there’s been a surge in entrepreneurs migrating data over to cloud-based systems. There are tons of benefits to moving over to the cloud:

  • It’s affordable, so in the long run, you’ll reduce costs
  • The cloud is accessible to all your staff; this helps to ensure your business stays efficient and productive
  • On the whole, call centre management and maintenance are taken care of by a third-party service provider
  • Cloud-based software is typically easier to scale as your business expands

Customer Self Service

The number of consumers wanting to serve themselves is increasing. Take online shopping, for instance. When you couple this with the growing popularity of omnichannel shopping, it’s imperative brands offer customers a personalized and context-aware shopping experience.

This means using inbound voice and omnichannel customer service agents to help keep the conversation going. It’s not uncommon for customers to move from a self-service shopping platform to live agent assistance. So, do your best to make the process as smooth as possible by having the right infrastructure in place. The easiest solution is to use CCaaS software to integrate and manage all these communications in the convenience of one place.

Leverage Your Call Centre to Help Grow Your Business

It’s worth investing in a decent call centre software because, in the long run, it’s cheaper AND empowers your brand to provide the best possible customer service. By migrating your data to a cloud-based system and ensuring your self-service platforms are thoroughly integrated with the rest of your customer support channels, you’ll be amazed at the doors that open to your business as a result.

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