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5 Pro Tips for Closing a Sale Quickly


5 Pro Tips for Closing a Sale Quickly

Salespeople must create a clear outcome. They need a customer to say yes or no so they don’t spend precious time courting a person who has no interest in what they are offering. How can they get a definitive answer quickly? The following tips help in achieving this goal.

Know Who to Talk with in the Company

Salespeople should never waste time with a receptionist when trying to make a sale. They need to speak to the person responsible for making purchases and show how their product or service offers the solution the potential customer needs. Although it may be difficult to determine who this person is, ensure you are speaking to someone in the correct department. For instance, a content mill would need to speak to some in the content creation department rather than someone in IT support. When reaching out to this individual, be prepared to answer any questions regarding the product or service. For example, Infor CPQ is of great help in ensuring you can provide a quote during the initial meeting.

Prospect Qualification

Learn whether the prospect will benefit from the solution. Make certain they fit the ideal customer profile for the product or service and if their company is of a size that would benefit from the solution. It may be that they are in an industry the solution doesn’t cater to or their company is located where the solution wouldn’t be of benefit. It’s important to gather this information early in the process so time isn’t wasted on a company that won’t benefit from what is being sold.

Pitch the Solution

Now that a prospect has been qualified, it’s time to connect with them to pitch the solution. Those new to sales often pitch the features of the product when they need to focus on the value it will add to the user’s life. Ask questions of the prospect and provide concrete examples of how the solution would help them overcome the challenges they are experiencing. This shows the salesperson cares about helping the customer succeed rather than trying to make a sale.


Create a sense of urgency in the prospect. This urgency encourages them to commit to the product or service. If a company offers them something that is time-sensitive, they feel they have an advantage and will miss out if they don’t commit right away. Never rush the prospect. The goal is to encourage them to buy because the product is right for their needs and they don’t want to miss out on the offer presented.

Overcoming Objections

Potential customers may have concerns when they are asked to spend money. Be prepared to counter these objections when meeting with a prospect. Have solid answers to overcome their reluctance. Those who are new to sales often overlook this step, and it costs them. The objections often revolve around the price. Show them how the solution will pay for itself by giving them examples and case studies. However, have concise answers to all common objections so you are prepared regardless of what the prospect says is the reason for their reluctance to buy.

The last step involves asking for the sale, but many salespeople overlook it. Most prospects say no at this time. When they do, talk with them about what needs to be done to turn their no into a yes. Be prepared to overcome additional objections. Make this a two-way conversation and you will begin closing more sales than ever before, as these tips truly work.

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