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From Product to Promotion: The 4 P’s of Concrete Sales Marketing


From Product to Promotion: The 4 P’s of Concrete Sales Marketing

Research indicates that early forms of concrete began appearing in the construction world more than 2,500 years ago. Since then, various forms of this material have emerged, and it has become one of the most widely used construction materials on the planet. It’s durable, long-lasting, versatile, and affordable, giving people plenty of reasons to purchase it for their construction and landscaping projects. Because of all that, many people might think that concrete doesn’t need to be marketed—that it basically sells itself. 

Looking at the Other Side of the Story

Contrary to popular belief, concrete certainly needs a certain amount of marketing and advertising. Though it’s an incredibly popular product, companies that sell the material and relevant services must still market themselves. Company owners need to convince consumers they need to purchase from their company rather than the competition. That means concrete sales management is vital to businesses in the industry. The four Ps of concrete marketing is integral parts of the process. 


In the case of cement companies, concrete is the product in question. Of course, pertinent services are also considered products in the realm of marketing. Though your company obviously provides concrete and installation, truly selling your products requires emphasizing the different types of concrete and services you offer. Maybe you specialize in structural foundations or industrial installations. If so, market that aspect. Perhaps you focus on decorative concrete. There’s a constantly growing market for that, so highlighting that element of your business would certainly work out in your favor. 


Promotion is also a key element of concrete marketing. This entails selling your products and services as well as your company as a whole. Several marketing channels are available for promoting a concrete company. Some of the most effective for businesses in the construction industry are social media and search engine optimization. Working with a related company, such as one that offers landscaping services, could help sway customers as well. Print ads are also particularly helpful for companies like yours. Don’t overlook the power of special offers and promotional events, either.


This portion of the four Ps of concrete marketing branches out in a couple of directions. For one, you’ll need to be sure your marketing and advertising efforts show up in the places where clients and prospects are most likely to see them. Secondly, the location of your business and its service area comes into play. For some companies, expanding beyond their home branch is a profitable idea. For others, simply marketing to the area they’re equipped to handle is the best approach.


Pricing is another crucial aspect of concrete marketing. Customers are on a constant search for lower prices and better values. That suggests you’ll have to consider local competitors’ prices and the types of services they offer. Finding a balance between selling yourself short and pricing yourself out of business isn’t easy, but it’s something you’ll need to focus on. Offering various payment plans can be helpful in winning over prospects, too. Discounts are effective as well.

Persuading Prospects Via the Four Ps

If you’re in the concrete industry, you already have a great product working for you. Your surrounding services further expand your horizons and give you more leverage in the industry. Promoting your company and its services through the right channels will go a long way toward reaching local prospects, and the locations of your business and its marketing efforts play a key role here as well. Additionally, the prices of your products and services could be major selling points in the eyes of consumers. 

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