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Generating Leads: 8 Crucial Elements of a Contact Page That Drives Engagement


Generating Leads: 8 Crucial Elements of a Contact Page That Drives Engagement

It might have taken a while, but businesspeople are finally getting the idea that having a website is a good idea. The trouble with this is that some websites simply don’t deliver the results many businesspeople expect. Why?

The answer is simple: those websites don’t engage the demographic they were intended to reach. Customers might see them, but after they do, there are few if any ways to reach out to the business. The truth is that customer engagement is the result of several steps in designing a website, specifically the contact page. There are many ways to learn to do this, but over at Conveyz, it’s easy. In the meantime, however, what follows are eight elements of a contact page that help to drive customer engagement.

Driving Engagement

As much as copywriters would like to tell you it’s not the design that gets the attention of a website visitor, they’re wrong. This is because it really is the attractiveness of a website’s design that gets attention. A website must look good. But, more than that, it must showcase the personality of the company and capture the attention of the audience. It’s only after these issues are done that your customer will be convinced to connect with a business. These eight elements will cause them to do that.

Use Color Correctly

The psychology of color has been well documented for years, but studies have shown that color has an impact on website visitors as well. For example, changing the color of the contact button from red to green can result in a click rate increase of 27 percent. However, audiences are different, so each website owner should determine what works best for them.

Make It Easy to Find

For unknown reasons, most companies shove their contact information to the bottom of a website. This seems natural, of course, but even if that is where it is, make it easy to find. Further, make the case to contact your company compelling enough to make your customers want to reach out.

Direct Customers to the Right Place

There are probably few things that are more frustrating to a customer than reaching out to a company only to find the place they reached isn’t where they need to be. A contact page should direct customers to at least the right department, if not the right person, they need to connect with.

Humanize the Contact

Nobody likes contacting a machine or throwing their contact information into what they perceive as a black hole where, hopefully, they will reach a real human. Customers should believe they are going to reach a real person when they contact a company.

Make the Contact Relevant

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all contact page. And, since customers all look for different things in a company, research should be done into what they are looking for to determine what should make up a contact page.

Make the Most of It

Just because a website might have gotten a customer past all the promotion and have them interested in buying doesn’t mean the sales job is complete. You need to keep selling even if the customer is ready to buy. Continue with your sales message, even on the contact page.

Support the Supporters

Most businesspeople would think this element doesn’t belong on a list of this sort, but it does. Without members of the contact team understanding they need to be responsive to customers, no amount of desire on the part of website owners is going to cause positive contact with customers.

You are now ready to create a contact page built to engage your target customers. Don’t forget to keep careful track of your results, and never stop developing your website so it reflects the results you achieve.

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