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Haven’t Started Using Mobile Presentation Apps? This Is What You’re Missing


Haven’t Started Using Mobile Presentation Apps? This Is What You’re Missing

Sales enablement tools are are crucial for startups and businesses. They streamline the entire sales process, from collating and presenting the right materials to getting that signature on the contract. But not all mobile presentation apps are created equal. In this post, we look at the top benefits of using software to connect with your prospects and close more sales.

Unleashing the Power of Your Brand Story and Maximise Sales

As a startup, you may not have the reputation that established companies may have. When you’re pitching prospects, you need to make your brand — and its story — come to life to intrigue and engage them.

This makes it crucial to centralise your marketing content and simplify its deployment for your sales reps. To do that, you need a sales enablement tool — such as a mobile presentation app — that provides instant mobile access to resources. With this, you can ensure your sales team has access to the latest materials — materials they can easily share with your leads. For the best results, you need to ensure the following:

  • Your sales and marketing collateral is easy to access on mobile devices, such as a phone or iPad
  • You can easily update and push content to users
  • Your sales presentations align with your brand image

Give Your Sales Team the Edge and Empower Them to Close Deals Faster

 Increase Confidence

Nothing boosts a sales rep’s confidence more than being prepared, knowing his or her prospect and having a tailor-made presentation ready to go, with current collateral presented to a high quality. As the owner of a startup, you may not have a dedicated sales team and might be pitching prospects yourself. Many business owners feel comfortable with certain aspects of running a business more than others and, when it comes to selling prospects, it’s often enough to make even the most self-assured entrepreneur break into a cold sweat. Sales enablement tools alleviate the pressure of the hard sell and make it easy to convey the benefits of your product or service, allowing you to sell with ease and confidence.

All You Need at the Palm of Your Hand

Mobile presentation apps allow you to store documents for quick retrieval when you need them. You can store materials in the cloud, easily accessible on your device. As an example, let’s say a client asks to see a case study — sales enablement tools allow you to quickly locate and present your shining case study to take you one step closer to securing the deal. Businesses can also present an expected timeline for results or ROI, or pricing information, allowing you to save time and close deals faster by eliminating endless email and phone ping pong and the ever frustrating “I’ll get back to you”.

Never Worry about Material Not Being Compliant with Industry Regulations Again

If your startup operates in a highly-regulated industry, such as FinTech, it’s crucial that whatever you present to a potential client is compliant. Not ensuring this means you run the risk of hefty fines and a damaged reputation. Sales enablement tools allow you to quickly update your materials on a company-wide scale, so you won’t have to worry about your sales rep presenting a prospect with outdated, non-compliant collateral.

Save the Planet While You’re at It

When conducting sales presentations, bulky materials can prove disastrous. Not being able to find that crucial sales brochure or sales statistics can make you look unprofessional, meaning you risk losing the sale. We live in a world where technology is constantly developing, so it’s nonsensical to stick to rigid sales processes. Conducting your sales presentation on a mobile device can add an interactive element and increase the engagement of your prospect.

Of course, aside from this, there are also numerous benefits of going paperless. Sales enablement tools eliminate needless printing of brochures and product descriptions, which, for a environment and cost-conscious startup, contribute to saving both the planet and the money in your back pocket.

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