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How to Run a More Frugal Business


How to Run a More Frugal Business

Every nickel and dime matters when running a small or large business. To ensure your business enjoys a healthy profit each year, you must aim to lower your internal expenses.

Consequently, you will have more money to spare to add into a rainy-day fund, hire new members of staff, or invest in compelling marketing campaigns.

If you want to ensure you never spend a penny more than necessary, here are some handy tips on how to run a more frugal business.

Don’t Hire Permanent Staff

Recruiting a permanent member of staff is a huge financial commitment. Unless it doesn’t make financial sense to do so, it might be wise not to hire a salaried employee and outsource remote workers instead, such as freelance writers and web designers or virtual assistants. In most cases, you will pay an outsourced employee by the hour or per project, so you don’t need to commit to an annual salary.

Slash Your Operational Costs

To save a considerable amount of cash each month, you should routinely review your outgoings. For example, you should regularly compare energy providers to find the best deal for your finances. If you discover there is a better option available, don’t delay and switch business energy suppliers.

You also should renegotiate a better price for renewing the tenancy agreement on your business premises, and you shouldn’t be afraid to barter with suppliers to make great savings throughout the year.

Equip Your Office with Used Furniture

While new office furniture can be nice, it could significantly dent your business bank account. It makes financial sense to invest in used furniture over new, and it doesn’t mean you need to compromise on quality.

If you scour the market, you could soon find superb:

  • Computers
  • Monitors
  • Office desks
  • Ergonomic chairs

The used equipment can support your company’s productivity while creating an impressive office space.

Exchange Business Services

Every business owner will want to make great savings when investing in a product or service. Rather than paying full price for essential products, you should consider exchanging your services with a potential supplier.

For example, if you run a web design firm, you could offer to redesign a company’s site in exchange for their accountancy services. The worst a company can say to your offer is no.

Cut Expenditure on Office Supplies

If your business is spending far too much money on paper, pens, notebooks, ink and toner, you must aim to reduce expenditure on office supplies. For example, you could go paperless to reduce your company’s reliance on paper and ink, which can also increase your data security and productivity levels while supporting the environment.


To decrease your expenditure every month, you must regularly review your outgoings to identify where you are potentially wasting money, which could range from your office supplies to your utilities. You must then take the steps to either reduce or eradicate the expenditure from your budget, which can increase your business’s profitability.

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