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Juggling Work & Home? These Tools Can Help


Juggling Work & Home? These Tools Can Help

Trying to juggle home and work is always difficult. More and more entrepreneurs are starting part-time while they take care of the home. But as an entrepreneur you should dedicate more time to your brand, just not at the expense of your sanity. You need to get more productive and you need to cut much of the waste that is eating a whole chunk of time out of your day.

This guide is going to introduce you to some of the tools you can use to juggle work and home. They will help you to keep everything in check, while at the same time allowing for some self-reflection.

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The Life Wheel

 The life wheel is a common tool used by professional life coaches. It’s essentially a chart of where you are dedicating your mental and physical resources. By putting down the various aspects of your life in this way, you can find out where the imbalances are.

If you are dedicating too much time to one area, you can act. This is a form of self-reflection that can help you to bring some balance back into your life.


 A significant part of your day will be spent monitoring emails. Boomerang is an extension designed for Gmail, but there are alternatives for other email providers that essentially do the same thing. This tool reduces the need for you to be around at a specific time to reply to messages.

Rather than replying to an email at 2am, you can use Boomerang to schedule email replies long in advance. Now you no longer have to be at the computer in order to reply to your contacts.

Furthermore, you can benefit from the fact that you can craft replies even when you’re not connected to the Internet. This tool will automatically send the replies the moment you gain a connection again.


Another major time sink you deal with on a regular basis is social media. For businesses, most of their marketing time will be spent on social media. It eats up a lot of time and it’s easy to become obsessed with it. Buffer will enable you to add stories to social media.

Buffer will then spread the posts throughout the day and throughout the week. It will operate alongside multiple social media networks and provide you with some detailed analytics on the performance of each post.


 One of the bad habits that can ruin your outlook on work is a complete lack of organization. When it comes to keeping everything organized, Evernote is the undisputed champion. You can save basic text notes or you can take pictures with your camera and links from the web.

It’s one of the most affordable tools on this list, yet it can make such a huge difference to how you conduct yourself. Adopt it today and never let work and life get on top of you again.


 A crossover between personal and professional is the need to keep track of what you’re spending. Nobody likes doing expense reports. They are time-consuming and confusing. If you have a pile of documents waiting to be separated, Expensify can help.

This tool comes with SmartScan. All you have to do is shine your smartphone at the receipts and it will automatically scan them. The information will be obtained for review later. You can do this on the go or you can sit down and scan that massive pile. It’s up to you.

This is a far more practical way of dealing with your expenses and keeping on top of your finances.

Using Tools for a Better Work Life Balance

It’s vital to maintain a proper work life balance because without one you are going to lose your sanity. When you are juggling a hectic work life and a hectic business life, you need to bring some order to the chaos. It all starts with becoming organized.

Once you are organized, you can begin streamlining and automating many of your usual operations. But you shouldn’t get bogged down with all the tools available. It’s easy to become paralyzed by the sheer number of options available.

What are your favorite productivity tools and will you use any of the options on this list?

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