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Keeping the Costs Low Without Hampering the Quality: The Magic of Fourslide Parts


Keeping the Costs Low Without Hampering the Quality: The Magic of Fourslide Parts

Over time, the costs involved with mass-producing parts has been on the rise. This is because customization has increased, the product life cycle is shorter, and the material’s price is higher than ever. Lot sizes are also smaller, which means there are not as many items to sell from each production run. These factors have run prices up for both manufacturers producing the parts and the customers who want to purchase them.

Using Fourslide to Control Costs

Manufacturers are now controlling the costs involved with producing parts with a process called fourslide. To be more exact, manufacturers are using a process that involves stamping and forming called fourslide stamping. This process saves manufacturers money and allows them to produce parts faster than other more expensive processes.

Is quality hampered by using the fourslide method? Absolutely not! The quality is just as good, if not better, than with other traditional parts crafting manners. Many parts manufacturers swear that the quality of their product drastically increased after switching to this production process. Using the fourslide method to produce parts eliminates the need for after-production adjustment, which is a huge benefit.

How the Magic of Fourslide Happens

How does the cost-saving magic of this stamping process happen? The process starts with a flat strip of raw material from a coil. The material is then blanked or stamped in the die section of the specialized part stamping machine. The strip gets fed down in the machine into the forming section, and the material is formed around a tool called a mandrel.

The way that the machine is set up will determine the tool strikes and the finished product that is produced. After all of this is done, the tool slides out into the area called the parts catcher. These machines can produce a whopping 15,000 parts per hour, which means a manufacturer will have more pieces to sell than they would with traditional production manners. Many tool manufacturers can produce more pieces in a week with this method than they do in a month with their previous, more expensive production method.

Fourslide Production Saved Money By Reducing Material Waste

Many manufacturers of parts have to cut production due to the costs involved in materials. Using a machine that uses a fourslide process can save money on the materials that get wasted and make the company more affordable. How does this work?

The traditional parts making process involves the use of complicated and expensive tooling progressive power press operations. This newer process makes all of that a thing of the past. With the fourslide machine that uses a stamping process, those expensive costs are eliminated. This means that there will be less scrap waste leftover at the end of production, which means that the materials’ costs will be lower as there is less waste. Having scraps left over is the equivalent to throwing away money, which means that manufacturers who use this method save money with each production run.

Using a fourslide machine to produce parts can lower the costs involved without giving up quality. Many steps are eliminated with this process, which saves both time and money. This process also produces many more pieces, which means that the manufacturer will have more products to sell and bring in larger revenue numbers.

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