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Outfitting Your Establishment: 6 Types of Bar Stools to Choose From


Outfitting Your Establishment: 6 Types of Bar Stools to Choose From

Getting a new restaurant, bar, or cafe off the ground requires careful planning. It may be tempting for new business owners to assume that if they get all the basics right, the rest will just fall into place. In fact, seemingly minor details can make all the difference.

Don’t overlook the importance of details like choosing the right bar stools. Instead, read on to find out about six of the best options for outfitting a new bar or restaurant.

1. Bucket Stools

Bucket stools are sturdy, yet elegant. They’re comfortable, easy to clean, and able to withstand a good deal of wear and tear. Plus, upholstered bar stools in this style lend an air of elegance to any eatery.

When installing bucket stools, make sure the upholstery matches the rest of the establishment’s decor. It’s fine to use complementary colors, of course, but both the style and the pattern should fit seamlessly into the bar or restaurant’s other accouterments such as tables, bars, and wall decor.

2. Distressed Metal Stools

Distressed metal stools are best used in simple, rustic-style cafes. They’re as tall as bar stools, but do not feature cushions so they may not be as comfortable. Since patrons typically spend less time in cafes than bars and restaurants, that may not be an issue. Just keep in mind that patrons of luxury establishments may be disappointed by these simple metal stools.

3. Stationary Bar Stools

Stationary bar stools are just as common in health clinics as eateries, but they’re versatile enough to suit both these purposes. They walk the line between distressed metal stools and bucket stools, featuring an upholstered seat but no back, and are usually designed to spin in place.

This type of bar stool is best reserved for cafes and actual bars. They’re not ideal for sit-down restaurants where patrons will be spending their entire meals seated instead of mingling with other guests.

4. Pub-Style Stools

Pub-style stools have an appearance somewhere between that of traditional bar stools and chairs. They can be upholstered in vinyl or other material and feature long, sturdy legs that bring them up to the height of the bar. Don’t be fooled by the name. The most common applications for pub-style stools are actually restaurants and cafes, though they may be a good fit for traditional-styled bars.

5. Backless Bar Stools

Backless bar stools are usually made out of wood and feature simple designs. They’re ideal for lunchrooms or cafes where patrons will not spend much time sitting down. The lack of cushioning and other comfort-supporting features can make them a poor choice for sit-down restaurants and high-end bars.

6. Bistro-Style Bar Stools

Bistro-style bar stools are simple, elegant, and easy to clean. They usually feature wooden seats and metal frames, though some are outfitted with cushioning for added comfort. They’re most commonly found in cafes and breakrooms rather than restaurants and bars.

The Bottom Line

It’s important to choose bar stools that are comfortable, stylish, and a good fit for the particular establishment. In sit-down restaurants and high-end bars, prioritize adequate cushioning. In cafes, bistros, and lunchrooms, simpler models may be a better fit. All types of bar stools are available in various colors and finishes, so it should be easy to find one that fits the establishment’s decor.

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