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Revealed: The Self-Employed Startup Businesses That Are Recession-Proof


Revealed: The Self-Employed Startup Businesses That Are Recession-Proof

Let’s face it; we all worry when the economy is so bad, a recession looms over us. That’s because it causes all kinds of problems like firms going bust and people losing their jobs. Believe it or not, some industries and types of company are recession-proof!

Why? Well, there’s always a need for those services, regardless of what’s going on in the economy. Here are a few examples of startup ideas that will laugh in the face of economic uncertainty:

Internet Marketing

We all know that the Internet is an easy way to promote a product, service, or brand. It’s simple, affordable and offers real results in a short period. With so many online businesses, there is always a high demand for internet marketing.

Real Estate

Each day, thousands of us buy, sell, and rent properties in the UK. We all need somewhere to live and work, regardless of economic woes. Estate agents make their money by managing rentals and sales on behalf of their clients. They are a much-used service and will continue to be so.

Virtual Assistance

Micro-entrepreneurs often need help with tasks like message taking and email screening. A virtual assistant’s job is to provide such services for their clients. They do so from a remote location, thanks to advances in Internet technology. It gives entrepreneurs to power to grow their business and portray a professional image.

Dog Grooming

Britain is, without a doubt, a nation of animal lovers. According to the RSPCA, 8.5 million dogs get kept as pets in the UK. As you can imagine, there is a real need for dog grooming services such as washing and nail clipping. It’s simple to set up a dog grooming business, and a diploma in the subject can get a solid foundation:

Infographic Produced By online dog grooming course


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