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These Companies Are Attracting Fresh Talent With Unique Perks


These Companies Are Attracting Fresh Talent With Unique Perks

Recruitment is a challenge for most companies, especially if the company relies on a very specific set of skills. In these situations attracting talent can be a challenge. There are a few famous companies out there who know all about the difficulties of trying to get people to join their firm, and so they’ve resorted to some pretty unusual tactics to get them on board. Here’s what they’ve been up to.


GoDaddy is a website building and domain hosting service in the business of giving other companies tools to design incredible websites. But over the years, the company has found attracting the right people tough. As a result, it’s invested heavily in a number of programmes it hopes will woo new candidates to join their team.

GoDaddy employees get things like free healthy living coaching, reimbursement for any tuition they take, help adopting kids, picnics and birthday treats and the ability to take part in GoDaddy community events. Perhaps most importantly, however, the company makes sure that all its staff get quality private health coverage for things like flu shots and biometric screening. Not bad, eh?


The man who runs Zappos, Tony Hsieh, always wanted to do things differently at his company. As a result, he resolved to make the company about achieving happiness, rather than making everybody as much money as possible. As a result, the focus of the company changed away from one that was about earning as many dollars as possible and towards doing things that made people’s lives better.

Pay at Zappos is low – about 20 percent lower than at comparable companies. But Zappos management believes that they know better when it comes to how their staff should spend their money. As a result, the company resembles European welfare states. Zappos supplements the meagre income of its employees with things like health and dental coverage, as well as vision insurance. It will also pay pet insurance for employees who have pets and offers a 40 percent discount for its employees on the brand’s shoes and accessories.

Zappos also wants its employees to be able to get out and about, and so it has a programme that allows them to take monthly team outings to a destination of their choice.


Despite being famed for excellence, even Google has to work hard to attract the best talent to its many campuses. Besides the modular bathroom pods and on-site haircuts, Google offers employees video games rooms, foosball tables and fully equipped sports facilities. It also employs its own onsite medical staff at many of its locations, including some in the UK.

Google, as a company, isn’t keen on death. It’s Director of Engineering, Ray Kurzweil, has said that death is a scourge that robs us of our connections with other people. That’s the company does everything it can to help its employees when either they or their spouses bite the dust. According to Forbes, the company is currently offering widows and widowers 50 percent of their spouse’s income for a decade after their death, as well as payments to bereaved children.

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