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Promoting your site via Facebook

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Promoting your site via Facebook

Facebook is a great way to start promoting your site, with over 500 million users you could easily gain some extra traffic.

1. Start by creating a fan page

A fan page is a great way to be seen online and you have fans instead of friends like a normal Facebook profile. A fan page is much more customizable than a normal Facebook profile giving you the ability to add HTML and flash content to your page.

 how to create a Facebook fan page

  1. go to the Create a Page Facebook page
  2. Choose a category that fits your website best
  3. Fill out the information and make sure everything is correct.  When complete accept the Facebook Pages Terms and click “Get Started”
  4. Fill out all the information about your website and upload a logo.

creating a welcome page

A welcome page is the page that people will see on Facebook who are not fans , this page should encourage them to become a fan so that they can see the rest of the content on your profile.

Tell the world about your page

Once your page is complete you can start to spread the word by clicking “share” on the left side of the to post onto your friends news feeds. as well as this you can become fans on similar pages.

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