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9 High quality themes: 1 great website


9 High quality themes: 1 great website

It is not often that I write about my personal opinions about other websites. However after spending a long time browsing WordPress themes online i came across one name that kept cropping up. This name was Purethemes. I have never paid a premium price for a theme before but i though that it was worth paying for the themes i found in their portfolio on ThemeForest.  I noticed that they also have a website called but that is currently under construction.

My Favourite Three Themes



This theme is a proffesional looking and popular theme which is great for bloggers who want to submit their recipes online to a stylish and tasteful looking website. However another thing i like about this theme is the in built ability for Google Recipe View. This is going to make your website stand out in search results and bag that extra traffic.


Are you a keen photographer as well as WordPress blogger ? Well if you are then this theme is going to be great for you. With a sleek and elegant design, this theme really brings the best out of your photo’s. What i like about this theme is the gallery. You can easily allow your views to browse through your gallery and the grey background seems to lift all your pictures of the page.


Now this an unusual and unique theme for WordPress and i have not come across anything like this before. I know many bloggers like travelling, but this theme is for travelers that like blogging. When your visitors first visit your website, the first thing they will see is a giant  globe. This shows all of the locations that you have visited and underneath this is where your blog goes, as well as all your holiday snaps.

Final Notes

Overall i am very impressed with that is why i decided to write about them. Furthermore they also run on a great platform which makes them highly customizable and in my opinion they raise the bar for all WordPress themes.

I am the founder of Startup Today. I am the main writer and have put in many hours of work into creating this blog. If you want to find out more about me then lets get in contact.

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