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How to build a brand with your website


How to build a brand with your website

Having a brand allows you and your website to be easily identifiable by consistently using portraying the same message which people will remember every time they see it. For example Facebook, whenever you see the icon you recognize that it is for Facebook because of the consistent blue and white colour scheme. Social networks do a great job at creating a brand identity and giving you something to relate to. Here are some tips on building a brand from your website.


This is one of the most important parts to building your brand identity. Always make sure that you use the same theme and design on everything. Weather its a webpage or a business card. A good designed brand website will have a consistent background colour as well as a text colour which will make people think of your brand easily when they see something using them colours. You want to make it visually appealing and if you are using WordPress then this may involve investing in a great looking theme.

Logo and icon

For a successful brand online you want to have a logo and an icon. Something that it going to be recognized from one image and not needing any text for people to realize whose icon they are looking at. A great looking logo will have simple text accompanied with a complex shape and colour scheme which is easily recognizable as your brand. A tip when promoting your brand on your website is to put your icon on images that you upload.

A slogan

All successful brands have a slogan that everyone knows. For example everyone knows that “Connecting People” is Nokia’s slogan. A great slogan is short and something slightly unusual that people are going to remember. As well as this make sure that your slogan is something linking to the niche that you are in. When building your brand online it is a good idea to have your slogan nice and bold in the header of your website.

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