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A Happy Employee Is A Productive Employee


A Happy Employee Is A Productive Employee

When you consider the direction your business is heading and the short term goals of your company, you may be striving for a substantial increase in turnover, record profits or international expansion. What is more important to consider is how you’re going to reach those aims. The chances are that your staff team are going to play an integral part in helping your business grow, expand and flourish. To get the best out of your employees, it’s up to you to ensure that they are motivated, enthusiastic and buy into the vision that you have forged for your company. Without them on board, your business will struggle to reap the rewards you so desperately crave. Take a look at what you can do as an employer to ensure you have the most productive staff team possible.

Give Praise Where It’s Due

This may seem like such a simple thing, but it’s vital to recognise the good work that your employees are doing. Even if it’s a quick mention in the weekly round up email, highlight particularly good work, share it amongst all staff and make a big deal of it. If a client provides positive feedback about your company, big up your team and make them feel good. Positive praise is a great motivator and will see your team more content.

Ensure Your Employees Know Their Place

This doesn’t mean squashing them and keeping them under the corporate thumb. Your employees should simply know their part in the well-oiled machine that is your company. What role do they play? What impact are they having? Understanding their role at a deeper level and buying into the intricacies of the company vision will enable them to have a better grasp on targets and forecasts. When an employee feels like they belong, they give their all to their job.

Look After Your Staff

Ensure that you provide a decent pension for your staff, pay above the minimum wage and take steps to implement a solid employee financial wellbeing program. By giving your staff access to financial advice, forums and even preferential loans, you are showing them that you care. It may sound a little cheesy and gimmicky, but decent remuneration packages demonstrates to your employees how much you value them.

Organise Downtime Now And Then

It’s ok to organise an away day and have an evening off – in fact, this is encouraged. Having the more informal moments with your staff will allow you to get to know them as individuals, not simply as their job title. While you may not want to know how Jimmy’s daughter is getting on at school every day, Jimmy will feel more content knowing that you are aware that he actually has a daughter. Getting your staff to engage on a more social level will also bring more cohesiveness within the working environment.

Do all that you can to foster a positive working ethos within your staff team, and they will repay you. Remember, a happy employee really is a productive employee.

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