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What do Millennials Want from Their Working Environments?


What do Millennials Want from Their Working Environments?

What are millennials? The term refers to those born between 1980 and 2000, a group who have as a whole, grown up surrounded by technology and comfort – some meanly refer to them as spoilt and vain (see The Furniture Market’s experiment).

Every month there are more millennials entering the work force and as such, there have been a multitude of articles addressing how businesses can create work spaces that caters to their needs. It may sound a little strange to some, but it makes sense that as the numbers of so-called millennial workers increases, so the requirements of the work place change.

So, what do millennials want from a working environment? We’ve got the answers.

Create and Collaborative Work Spaces

As a general rule of thumb, millennials enjoy collaboration and thrive on interaction, which means typical office spaces just won’t work. To cater for millennials, design for collaboration, tear down the cubicles and get rid of enclosed individual working spaces. Instead, fill open spaces with desks suited to multiple occupancy use, clustered tables for idea sharing, and oversized boards for group brain storming.

Technology, Technology, Technology

As a generation of adults who grew up surrounded by the latest gadgets, it follows suit that they expect the same from their place of work. Millennials are accustomed to being able to source information and order products at the click of button, so aim to provide the same technology in your office. Create a digital workspace that is efficient with tablet computers that can be used on the move, or by installing a work place instant message service.

Places to Relax and Unwind

Large corporations such as Google have really gone to town here, with their global offices containing everything from sleeping pods and winding slides, to ball pits and pool tables. While this may be a more extreme example, millennials value spaces where they can relax. Think cool cafes with mochas and soothing music, relaxing zones with reclining loungers, or quirky meeting rooms containing colourful tables and comfy chairs.

Purpose, not Paychecks

It may be surprising to learn that salary isn’t crucial to millennials. That’s not to say pay is irrelevant, but that there is something that matters more to those aged 18-35: purpose. Research has shown that millennials want to feel valued at work and have the chance to make use of their skills. Essentially, millennials want to feel that they’re part of a larger entity.

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