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Dress To Impress: The Work-At-Home Clothing Code


Dress To Impress: The Work-At-Home Clothing Code

Working from home is a privilege lots of entrepreneurs wish they get to experience one day. After all, you are the boss who gets to determine everything from break duration to shift patterns. The only problem which pops up again and again is productivity. Many businessmen and women struggle to be effective and efficient with the at-home distractions.

One way to combat it is to dress to impress because wearing the right apparel makes the “office” seem more professional. But, should you slip on the slacks or suit up? These are the things to consider for work-at-home entrepreneurs.


We have all worked in offices where comfort is not a priority. Yes, you still get things done, but it’s a struggle. Putting ergonomic chairs aside for a moment, let’s focus on clothes. It’s a fact – there is no point wearing suit pants and a jacket if you are sat at home. A suit makes you feel powerful, but the tight fit and crisp lines don’t have any flexibility. The best option is to wear smart-casual clothes which exploit the best of both worlds. Jeans, for example, are comfy and make it feel as if there is a purpose to the day.

Body Temperature

Part of being comfortable is not overheating or freezing to death while at work. Sure, the central heating is a home-based boss’s best friend, but it’s expensive. And, thanks to the worsening weather, opening a window to create a breeze is a no-no in hurricane season. The trick is to use your clothes to keep warm and maintain body temperature. For example, don’t don a t-shirt with skinny jeans if the mercury is plummeting. Stretchy material is suitable because it traps heat, yet t-shirts are notoriously cool. A jumper is a far better choice in autumn and winter.

Out Of The Office

Working from home doesn’t mean you’ll stay in the office all day every day. Lots of entrepreneurs have to go to business meetings to generate leads and secure new revenue sources. Sadly, pyjama bottoms are not going to cut the mustard. In this scenario, it’s always smart to overdress than to under-dress. Dickies work pants and a Ralph Lauren shirt with matching shoes is an excellent way to make a great first impression. Even if the company’s motto is smart-casual, a tracksuit and trainers is a definite mistake. Before getting dressed, think about the day’s tasks and where you will be spending your time.

Mix And Match

As in, don’t mix and match clothes. It sounds weird, but we have a psychological attachment to outfits. When you put on work attire, it tells the brain you are ready to be productive. Weekend wear, on the other hand, says you are going to relax. Once you have your outfits for the office, the key is not to mix and match them with casual clothes. There will be times when your work attire is in the washing machine and you have to mix it up. But, try and keep these moments to a minimum.

The right clothes encourage the right attitude. And, the right attitude leads to success.

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