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Impressing VIP Clients: 3 Great Ways


Impressing VIP Clients: 3 Great Ways

Making a good first impression is key in business and if you are looking to build long-lasting relationships and regular business with clients then you are going to need to impress them. There are lot’s of ways to impress important clients and this usually depends on your type of business from a soul trader to an international business.

You should be looking to impress all of your clients but occasionally you may want to go out your way to impress a special client, maybe for a big order or repeat business. In this post I am going to give some great ways to impress VIP clients.

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Provide them with exclusive extras with your products

One way to impress potential business clients is to offer them something exclusive that others are not getting to make them feel special and providing some sort of extra with your product could do this for them. Furthermore this will also show them how much you value them individually as a business client and reassure them that they should be using you in the future.

The extra stuff that you could provide them with will really depend on your type of business but could be anything from customised to complimentary products.

Offer them travel on your expense

Providing your clients with business travel to meetings and events is a great way to show them that you are thinking about them and are willing to go the extra mile. You could arrange for them to be picked up from the airport and drove to a meeting with you to ensure that they arrive safely and will know that your business if thinking about them every step of the way.

If you are a larger business then you may consider UK private jet hire to really make your clients feel like a VIP. Providing this sort of VIP service is perfect to impress special clients and could potentially secure some big business.

Business meals

If you are looking for a great way to discuss business in a more relaxed and impressive environment then why not take your client out for lunch ? This will allow you do discuss business over lunch and also impress them and show them that you are thinking about their needs in terms of finding a restaurant that they will enjoy and also their business needs. On the other hand it can sometimes appear risky to choose a restaurant that you and your client will both like and therefore this option will very much depend on your client and how well you know them.

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