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5 Ways to Adapt Your PR Strategy in the Face of the Coronavirus Crisis


5 Ways to Adapt Your PR Strategy in the Face of the Coronavirus Crisis

2020 has not only introduced new words to our lexicon but brought new meaning into our conversation. Terms like CONVID19, coronavirus, shelter in place, social distancing, and many more are now common.

The cases of CONVID-19 that have grown from a relatively small outbreak in China to a global pandemic have not only affected everyday life but have transformed nearly every aspect of our lives at a rate that is nothing less than shocking. All of this has brought about a need to change marketing and public relations strategies. The pressing question, however, is how? The answer to that question could lie in the use of an effective agency such as

For almost a full year, the news about CONVID-19 has dominated the news. Unfortunately, the need to adapt plans and execute policies has still lead to considerable confusion. What follows are a few ideas that companies can do to carry out effective PR strategies in these uncertain times.

Think your pitch through critically

Let’s face it. The CONVID-19 pandemic has not done PR efforts any good. Instead of trying to slap a happy face on a bad situation, rethink it. Further, if you think you are promoting something on the back of someone else’s misfortune, you probably are.

Understand the news cycle

News on the scale of the CONVID-19 pandemic usually follows a predictable path: news of the outbreak itself and then news of the aftermath. If the story you want to pitch doesn’t fit the first round, perhaps it would be better to wait for the second with a follow-up piece.

Understand shifts in coverage

The CONVID-19 pandemic has caused news resources to be stretched to the max, with no apparent let-up insight. This means that, in most cases, coverage responsibilities have shifted, leading certain reporters to be moved to the CONVID-19 desk or general assignment desk since there are currently no sports tournaments or other events. There are, however, other desks that might not be so busy and would welcome your stories. Doing this is a matter of reframing your pitch so that it would better appeal to one of these other editors.

Utilize alternate social media

It is also important to remember that with the growing impact of social media, companies can offer their own news outlets for stories that appeal to their publics with compelling content.

Focus on fundamentals

If prior to the outbreak of the CONVID-19 pandemic, you were planning on introducing a new product or initiative, don’t wait. Repackaging and reframing your story approach doesn’t mean letting it lie dormant until a better time.

Make sure your story is still relevant

The first thing to determine in situations like these is whether the story is still relevant. If the key players of an organization are still onboard for a roll-out, why not do it except with a new campaign, if relevant? Would a refocus on your story be appropriate on your social media and other outlets?

Focus on the long-haul

Building product and brand visibility isn’t something that is done for the short term. Instead, creating brand visibility requires perseverance and dedication. Many firms press the idea that, despite the CONVID0-19 outbreak, they are still open for business, but even to do this means that a firm much scrutinize its PR approaches to maintain viability since, without a doubt, the business has been severely affected and will continue to be so.

It’s important to remember that, regardless of what happens in the current CONVID-19 outbreak and the aftermath, companies have not only been created as a result of downtimes, but they have often thrived. The CONVID-19 crisis is just as good a time as ever to make your firm thrive.

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