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Less Is More: 7 Tips for Using Signs in a Business Environment


Less Is More: 7 Tips for Using Signs in a Business Environment

Owning a business requires someone who has the time and patience to make their business more appealing and engaging than the competition. This is the best way to get more people coming through the door. A key element of achieving this goal is investing in high-quality signage.

The right signs, created by professional sign makers like Phoenix Signs, ensure the business will get the attention it deserves. Once signs are created, the challenge isn’t over. Now a business owner has to figure out how to best use them. Keep reading to find out best practices for business signage.

1. Use Large Fonts

Customers must be able to read the retail signage to ensure it is effective. In fact, smaller signs receive around 75% less attention compared to their bigger counterparts. When thinking about font size, think about what the customers will like. Also, how will they view the sign—from a vehicle, on foot, etc.? This is going to help a business owner figure out how large the font on the sign needs to be. Keep in mind, these same rules apply to price tags, so be sure the prices are not printed too small, either.

2. Find the Right Sign for the Right Purpose

Not all retail signage is the same. Getting to know the purpose of the retail sign is essential to ensure the right investment is made. This is one of the biggest “whys” in the visual merchandising trade. There are four basic types of signage a business can use, including outdoor, directional, promotional, and digital signs.

3. Know Where to Position the Signs

In the signage industry, there are some standards that dictate where a customer is going to look for a sign. For example, directional signs will hang from the ceiling. Promotional signs will be at eye level or in window displays. Be sure to find the right location for the signage being used.

4. Keep the Copy Concise and Bold

When creating signage copy, there is nothing more confusing or that looks worse than too many words. Make sure the signs are not cluttered. This is going to obscure the message. Be sure to use short and concise language.

5. Understand Color Theory

There are several subconscious factors that come into play when someone looks at a sign. It is important to use the right colors to get more attention. Keep this in mind when creating business signage.

6. Budget for the Signage

Some businesses cannot invest a lot in the signage. While this may be true, it does not mean they cannot get affordable signage for their business. Take some time to compare prices to find the best options for the most affordable prices.

7. Sign Size

Size matters when it comes to business signage. Be sure the size of the sign is not too big or too small. This is the only way that it will generate consistent attention.

When it comes time to choose business signage, there are many factors to consider. Be sure to keep the tips and information here in mind to know what to consider and how to find the right business signs for all parts of a business, both outside and inside the building. Being informed is the best way to ensure quality signs are purchased for the business in question.

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