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Affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketing

Ever heard of affiliate marketing before ? Because not everyone has. Affiliate marketing is when you make money online by promoting other peoples products. You simply promote other companies products by putting them on your website or blog, then every time somone buys that product from your link you will make commission. Usually commission is a percentage of the sale, however it can be a fixed amount. Usually your sales are tracked by a embedded code that lets the  advertising company track your sales.


I post a advertisement on my website promoting a camera from amazon by getting my advertisement link from amazons affiliate program. the camera cost £50 and i am on 8% commission. Then in the following week i have 4 people buy the camera from amazon by seeing the advertisement on my website. In that week i earn £16.

Affiliate marketing can be very effective on blogs and websites that review products. This is because you can review or discuss the products in your niche then promote them as a affiliate marketer on your website to try and persuade people to click on the link.


 Amazon is a popular affiliate program which has lots of products available in lots of different niche.

TradeDoubler is also a popular alternative to amazon.

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