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Breaking Into The Film and TV Business


Breaking Into The Film and TV Business

The world of film and television is not easy to break into. Unlike the old days when there was a definable ‘industry’, much of the programming we see these days is the product of countless independent production companies, all subcontracting work from major networks or film studios. So in this respect, there aren’t the same opportunities as there were in the past, where film school graduates had direct links to entry-level positions with the major companies. Instead, young hopefuls must really sell themselves. More importantly than anything though, they must possess a wide range of skills in order to have a chance of a career in the arts.

Be Enthusiast and Do Anything

Running jobs tend to be the entry level position into ongoing work in film and TV these days. But runners are a dime a dozen. How do you stand out from the rest of the hopeful young wannabe filmmakers? Do anything and everything. And do it with a smile on your face. People in film and TV like to find individuals who can get the job done, who don’t ask unnecessary questions, and who do all this without complaining. Many film graduates get running jobs thinking that they are essentially too good for them. But that isn’t how the system works. By proving yourself as someone who can do the boring jobs without moaning, you’ll quickly get recognised and be offered more responsibility.

Know Your Way Around Equipment

Ok, so you can take orders, make coffee and perform menial tasks. That’s great. But having a bit more know-how can really give you a leg up as well. Perhaps you’ve been practicing with a friend’s video camera, and now know enough to assist the 2nd unit on a shoot? Or maybe the crew are having major issues with electrical equipment, but you know how PAT test the stuff, having undergone a PASS electrical training course? Doing that little bit extra to ensure you have something else to give to the job besides enthusiasm, is invaluable and will be noticed by those around you. Of course don’t try to get too big for your boots, but seize the opportunity to shine when it presents itself.

A Good Shot at Breaking Through

These two key skills are essential for those trying to break into the completive world of film and TV today. And whilst luck plays a large part as well, willingness, enthusiasm and a knowledge of important equipment will give you a really good shot at breaking into the world of media.

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