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Household Items That Can Be Sold For Some Extra Pocket Money This Summer


Household Items That Can Be Sold For Some Extra Pocket Money This Summer

Making money through selling items has never been easier. Not only do we have public forums through which we can sell our goods through online (Ebay, Gumtree and so on) but we most probably also have an overabundance of different items lying around the house that we could make good money selling.

Call it “the aftereffects of mass consumption”, the results of frivolous spending on products we no longer use. Here are a few items you may very well have lying about the house that can be sold for some extra pocket money…

Exercising Equipment

We’ve all had moments where we decide that we ought to get ourselves in shape, whether it’s by slimming down, bulking or toning up. Since going to the gym three or four times a week can be pretty time consuming, the answer for many is to buy some home gym equipment and exercise in our spare time, when in and around the house.

However, not all of us have the discipline to actually carry out a consistent home exercising routine. Such people simply never use the running machines and other equipment we spent hundreds of pounds on acquiring. For these people, it might finally be a good idea to admit you won’t ever really use those equipments and make a good bit of money selling them.

Exercising equipment can be expensive, especially when bought first hand and so there is a large and thriving second handed market for such goods. With hundreds of pounds there to be made through selling something you never use, it makes more sense flogging your unused exercising equipment than keeping them.

Old Mobile Phones

With so many different phones being released year after year, it can be rather hard to keep up with each technological generation. Last year you may have had a Samsung Galaxy S3, while this year it’s an S4. In this respect, that which is new this year will soon be old next year, and so forth.

The beauty of it all however, is that so called “old” mobile phones still cost a few hundred pounds, which means you can sell last year’s product for a good price.

You can also sell mobile phones from a few years ago, for a few dozen pounds and you will be happy to know that mobile phone recycling is a common practice many people engage in.

There are several sites and shops that will pay for your old mobile phone, and you can go online and compare mobile phone recycling prices to get the best deal.


The beauty of art is that it gets better with age. However, it isn’t unusual to suddenly become rather bored of a once-fabulous painting, sculpture or photography artwork and wish to have it replaced with something more in tune with your current reality.

Rather than putting the old pieces of artwork in the basement or attic to gather dust, you can make a good bit of money through selling it. In fact, sometimes you can sell the artwork for more than you bought it. We know you’ve seen ‘Cash In The Attic! – You guys know how it works.

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