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How retail WiFi can boost footfall and sales in your stores


How retail WiFi can boost footfall and sales in your stores

There’s no getting around the fact that the web poses a major challenge for modern high street retailers. Increasingly, bricks and mortar shops are finding themselves in direct competition with web-based operators. Given the threat posed by ecommerce, it’s no surprise that some stores are running scared. However, there are plenty of things that traditional retailers can do to give their prospects a boost, and embracing in-store WiFi is one of them.

By taking advantage of solutions such as Airangel retail WiFi, shops can take the challenge directly to their online rivals. By offering an impressive retail experience that combines the very best of high street shopping with convenient, reliable and speedy internet access, firms stand to boost both footfall and sales.

The figures speak for themselves

Highlighting the importance of in-store connectivity, a poll conducted by Arqiva has revealed that nearly one in three shoppers (27%) would think twice about returning to a store if wireless web wasn’t available. In its report, entitled ‘The Wireless Nation’, the firm also revealed that of the 800 UK consumers polled, 25% would leave shops as soon as possible if wireless internet was lacking.

Connect with customers

It’s true that many web-savvy shoppers get online to compare prices, and this so-called ‘showrooming’ can pose a challenge for high street stores. However, there are many ways in which retailers can use in-store WiFi to reach out to consumers and get them spending in their shops. For example, they can turn to prompts like QR codes to provide people with extra product information.

They might even benefit from launching tailored apps for shoppers to use within their premises. For example, mobile web can help consumers find their way around shops and locate particular products. Keen to ride the digital wave, supermarket giant Tesco has trialled a special ‘sat nav’ app in one of its Essex stores.

The extra convenience and added value that such web resources bring to the shopping experience can help companies to build a stronger connection with the consumers in their stores.

Capture customer data

Firms can also use in-store WiFi to capture crucial consumer data. Many people are comfortable relinquishing some personal information if it means they can access special deals and promotions. More than seven in ten (74%) of  the shoppers polled by OnDeviceResearch suggested that they would be happy for retailers to send them emails or texts with promotions when they are online in shops.

By accessing customer data, businesses can target their marketing more effectively. In turn, this can lead to increased sales.

Improve the shopping experience

Even if retailers don’t offer their customers in-store WiFi, the chances are many shoppers will try to access the web using their 3G or 4G mobile internet connections anyway. The only difference is these people will have to eat into their data allowances to do this, and they might have to put up with unreliable and slow connections. Ultimately, this will diminish their shopping experiences and it may put them off making purchases or returning in future.

In short, when it comes to in-store WiFi, the message to retailers is move with the times or risk getting left behind.

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