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Running Like Clockwork: 7 Network Management Tips for Businesses and Organizations


Running Like Clockwork: 7 Network Management Tips for Businesses and Organizations

Business owners must maintain the network and prevent serious issues that could lead to a security breach. By streamlining how the network operates, network administrators can prevent issues that lead to compromised data or costly mistakes for business owners. Administrators must also complete with IT standards that apply to their systems and keep the company safer. A complete review of network management tips allows the administrators to apply new strategies for protecting their network, devices, and data centers.

1. Use Cloud Storage for Files

By using cloud storage for files, the company isn’t restricted to an on-site server that they must maintain themselves. Cloud designs give them outsourced storage that is maintained by a service provider, and the service provider maintains the security for the data center at their location. The workers and the business owner connect via a remote connection. Business owners can get more information from their preferred vendor now.

2. Remain Compliant With Current IT Standards

Compliance with current IT standards prevents companies from facing any penalties related to data security and exposure for customer data. The entire network must comply with standards, and this includes all devices that are connected to the network. The network administrator must review the connections and determine if the latest standards apply.

3. Use Proper Naming Conventions for All Devices

Proper naming conventions make it easier for the network administrator to identify specific devices on the network. It is recommended that the naming conventions should be easier for them to recognize, and the administrator must create a chart for each department in the company and the naming convention that applies to each device used by the workers. The naming conventions increase the speed at which the administrators find problems.

4. Use Monitoring and Alerts for Common Issues

Monitoring and alerts for common issues prevent them from going unnoticed. Common alerts such as new security patches or updates for operating systems or software. These alerts show the administrator where new problems are and what they need to do to correct them.

5. You Need Robust Security Schemes

Robust security schemes are applied to the entire network, devices, and connections. The network administrator must review the security schemes and ensure that they are working as expected. If security issues arise, the business owner must get better security options for protecting themselves and their customers.

6. Use Automation for All Backups

Automation is a necessary part of maintaining accurate data files, and the network design could provide automated updates for the files that are sent to backup storage. Even if the company uses outsourced database and server options, the service provider can set up an automated system that generates backups and sends them to a new location. The location shouldn’t be the same location where the data center is located.

7. Monitor All Worker Activity on the Network

Network administrators must monitor logs for all workers and determine when the workers navigate to websites that are prohibited or use their workstation for non-business purposes. The administrators must update permissions for the workers if they continue to violate company internet policies.

Business owners must maintain their network and prevent issues that could prove costly for the company. Data centers must provide adequate protection for customer data and prevent outsiders from getting access to data for unethical use. The right design and security schemes keep the business data safer and prevent security breaches.

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