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Solotrepeneurs Don’t Fly Solo On The Market


Solotrepeneurs Don’t Fly Solo On The Market

There’s a common misconception about what a solopreneur actually is. A solopreneur is an individual owner of a business that does not have a full staff of employees on the payroll. Instead, they run the company without any help, usually from home. Or do they? Actually, even solopreneurs need help on the market. They regularly invest in the expertise of multiple professionals. Here are just some of the services you should be using, even if you are running a company without assistance.

Professional Web Design

You should be investing in the services of a professional web design company. This is important for one key reason. First impressions matter in business and the first impression online customers receive will be the look of your website. If it looks stylish and interesting, you can bet they will spend more time exploring it. They might even bookmark the link so that they can always come back after they have made a purchase. Or, it might become one of their main sources for news in the industry. Any of these things are attractive possibilities. But they will only happen if you spend money on professional web design. Without that, your business will just look like it’s run by another amateur blogger.


SEO is crucial because it ensures customers find your site in the first place. There are business owners on the market right now who think they can setup their site for SEO without help. If you are one of these business owners, we have a little advice. Research what SEO really means beyond keywords and adding links. Look at how easily it can go wrong, causing the ranking to drop off the page. Then reassess whether you can actually run the SEO campaign yourself. If you still think you can, we guess you have a professional marketing degree. Most business owners would rather leave a job like this to expert agencies. The right SEO service could take your business to the next level on the market, and that’s not an exaggeration.


You might think, as a small solopreneur, you don’t need an accounting service. You’re not making enough money to warrant a professional service to handle your business accounts. After all, by not hiring a service like this, you’re already saving money. Except, you’re not because an accountant will save you so much more. Particularly, when it’s the time of the year for taxation. At this point, you’ll be desperately looking for ways to cut down how much you owe. But only a trained accountant will be able to truly help you. Almost every major solopreneur makes this essential business hire.

IT Support
Finally, you can bet that every solopreneur running a business from home invests in IT support. IT is the lifeline of an online industry. If it crashes, fails or falters, the company is dead in the water. The only way to ensure this never happens is to have a full time on staff ready to handle any issues.

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