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The benefits of team building activities for your business


The benefits of team building activities for your business

The benefits of team building activities are so significant that almost all large businesses and organizations have incorporated team building strategies in to their standard training curriculum. But regardless of size, all businesses should partake in team building activities. In this article I will highlight the many benefits that team building activities can offer to a business.

Improved employee relationships

Team building activities provide employees with a chance to participate in an activity where everyone begins with an equal level of knowledge about the task at hand. The novelty requires employees to work together and create team process skills to complete the activity successfully. The need to collaborate and work together in close proximity will help to develop employee relationships faster.

Time to Develop Skills

In a hectic office environment, it can be tough for employees to dedicate time to developing new skills. Quite often, managers don’t have the time to discover what skills their employees possess. The right team building activity will give each team member the opportunity to take the lead and develop leadership skills as well as new skills in other aspects of the business.

Improved communication

Team building is a wonderful way to break down communication barriers between individuals via group participation in activities. People who have never worked together as part of a team will gain a great deal from the opportunity and develop new communication skills that only a team building activity could teach. By working through a challenge, the diverse skill set within a team is highlighted and the group learns alternative ways of collaborating to reach an end goal.

Establish team roles

Each member within a team will have roles that they are naturally suited to. Some people are best suited to managing a team, its objectives and delegating tasks, while others are most suited to checking for errors and weaknesses. The great thing about team building is that it allows each employee to focus on what they do best, and allow each employee find his or her role within the team so that each member of the team can contribute as an individual whilst working as part of a group.

Improved levels of productivity

One of the key objectives of team building is to improve the levels of productivity in employees. Learning to work together effectively as part of a team can improve the desire to work towards achieving goals and an improved output. Team building activities can often reveal new ways to improve policies, procedures and processes.

Improved motivation

All employees like to feel appreciated. Team building activities can significantly improve the motivation of your employees to succeed by developing their confidence and proving to them that your business is willing to invest in their development as an employee.  As well as improving motivation levels, team building activities can lead to higher levels of loyalty.

The opportunity to highlight strengths and weaknesses

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Some people may excel when solving technical problems yet struggle with creative tasks, and vice versa. Team building activities are a great way to pinpoint any strengths and weaknesses that employees may have so that their assets can be utilized more effectively back in the workplace.

While team building may not be the answer to everyone’s business problems, it certainly plays a big part in improving morale and productivity.

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This article was contributed by David at CIWW Team Building Activities.

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