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Your Base of Operations: 7 Things to Consider Before Deciding on an Office Space


Your Base of Operations: 7 Things to Consider Before Deciding on an Office Space

Perhaps your business type should be your number one consideration when deciding the type of office space, you need. Other factors you may want to consider include Proximity,

costs, services, and facilities. Remember, your office space location can make or mare your business goals and objectives, hence you must make a carefully thought-out plan to pick the right choice. Here are some 7 things you must consider before deciding an office space;

The Location

Your staffs and clients don’t want to travel for too long before they reach your office. It is important to have your office located in a central location, especially one that will be closer to public transport because not everyone will own a car. The location of your office may affect your business success directly or indirectly, so it is important to locate it strategically where everyone can easily find it.

When choosing your location, you should also consider how close you will be to your competitors. You need to position your office in close proximity to your customers and your competitors without creating an extra competition.

The Cost of Renting the Space 

To most business owners, the cost of renting an office space is the most important factor. All business owners want to maximize profits while reducing the costs of running the business, you need to consider your alternatives before settling for office space. Rent is your main cost, though you still have a deal with other costs such as repairs on damages, cooling, heating, and purchase of office appliances. You can read more here about how the costs of renting can be a major factor in deciding an office space location.

Access to Amenities

While the cost of renting an office, space is very important to some business owners, access to amenities is more important to others. Generally, the more amenities or facilities available, the higher the costs of renting or buying office space. Offices located inside city malls, for instance, will provide easy access to customers, and new clients can easily locate such offices. You may want to consider office spaces that are strategically located to public toilets, banks, coffee shops, post offices, and even your regular suppliers or raw materials.

Your Business Type

Don’t get carried away by an office that is centrally located in the city centre, your business type should also determine your office space. Different office spaces will cater to different types of businesses. If for instance, you are into financial consulting, tax services and other related corporate services, then you may consider a small to medium size office space with convenience furniture and reception area. If you are into agriculture, plumbing, and electrical services, you will need a larger office space that may not be available in the city centre. If you are a startup entrepreneur, you may want to share office space.

Room for Growth

It can be quite difficult to predict how fast or slow your business will grow over time, it is critical to look for an office space that will accommodate your business growth in the long term. Flexibility is the key to achieving this, hence you must consider an office space where you can easily expand your operations or you should go for a shorter least instead of long term rental package.

The Design of the Office Space 

Office space must be designed in such a way that it will be more practical and provide enough room for the users to operate unhindered. Though you should consider investing in office furniture with more practical and easily-accessible storage compartments, you still need to consider human traffic and the movement of goods and services when considering your office space.

In addition to functionality, the visual appeal of office space is also important when considering the ideal office space. Though it is a business space, your employees will spend most of their weekly hours there and they need to be motivated and relaxed. The office space must be comfortable to employees and at the same time project an image of a corporate entity to clients. Fully-Fitted office space will ensure that you can move in or out quickly, otherwise, you will have to design your own space.


Office space must be conducive and safe for the employees, and clients. This is particularly important where the best office space is located in high-rise buildings. In most cases, emergency doors and exit facilities may not be enough to save lives and properties in case of fire accidents or other natural disasters. An office must be equipped with safety devices including fire extinguishers, regardless or how small or large it is. Most safety issues in offices will require emergency attention hence it must be the number one priority of office space users.

In conclusion, aside from the above considerations for office space, it is also important to consider legal requirements before getting office space. It is important to contact an attorney before signing an agreement for the use of office space. You need to ensure that you point out clauses in the agreement that can help you vacate the premise early.

Pay attention to those minor office remodeling that can get you into legal problems. For instance, legal permissions may not be necessary to carry out interior alterations but the more significant alterations, especially to the external part of the office may require legal permission.  Make sure you pay attention to the building regulations and codes when carrying out office expansions.

Services and facilities within the office building are some other two factors that must also be considered before choosing office space. You should also consider the costs of meeting up with your utilities. In most cases, each office within a complex will be responsible for their utilities separately and in some cases, utility bills are part of the rental agreement which can be more affordable.

Regardless of what your decisions are for choosing office space, it must provide convenience and ease of doing business.

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