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Interview with Karol K


Interview with Karol K

As a blogger, one of the other bloggers i like to look up to is Karol K. you can find him over on his blog at Now Karol usually writes about starting a business online as well as giving blogging advice so seen as he writes in the same niche as us we thought that we would ask him some questions and see what answers and advice he would give.

What method of making money online has been most successful for you ?

One main thing that I’ve learned is that it doesn’t really matter what you do, what matters is who you know. That’s why networking is the most successful thing for me. Reaching out to people, making friends, and taking part in joint venture projects.

Do you think that guest blogging has been key to you being successful online ?

Sure, guest blogging is one of the steps of reaching out to other bloggers. People find it hard to reject good and free content. If you can write something nice then people won’t have a reason not to publish it.

What WordPress plugins do you believe are a must have for a successful blog ?

Here’s my list: After The Deadline – proofreading plugin, Contact form 7 – that’s just obvious, Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin – I don’t believe in Akismet, I like this one a lot better, Online Backup for WordPress – backups are THE most important thing you have to do with your site, Pretty Link – for cloaking links and getting some click stats, WordPress SEO by Yoast – the real all in one SEO package.

As a blogger, what keeps you motivated to continue writing great posts ?

Funny you should ask, not that long ago I wrote a guest post on this very topic:

What advice would you give people who are considering starting a business venture online ?

Making money online is like any other line of career … if you put some work in you’ll make it a success. Two more things: (1) people will criticize you; the easiest way of dealing with criticism – don’t care, (2) regret is past tense decision making – what’s in the past should be left there, don’t regret anything.

I am the founder of Startup Today. I am the main writer and have put in many hours of work into creating this blog. If you want to find out more about me then lets get in contact.

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