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9 Ways to Dominate Twitter – the ultimate success guide


9 Ways to Dominate Twitter – the ultimate success guide

With over 500 million users Twitter is one of the largest social networks in the world. As well as this it has also become one of the best places to promote your business online, or even just to find out what is going on with people who you are interested in. there are many advantages over using Twitter for marketing compared to direct advertising. Twitter allows you to post for free; as well as building up a community at the same time.

Many business’s are realizing that they need to take advantage of Twitters amazing exposure to help promote their business, whilst they are still able to make money online.

Update regularly 

If you already use Twitter then you will realize that people tweet all hours of the day.  To be able to maximize using Twitter for marketing toy need to be able to Tweet all hours of the day so that you can reach people from different regions of the world. This is why you need to be able to work mobile on Twitter through out the day when you are out; but as well as this i recommend you should use Hootsuite which allows you to schedule tweets and it will automatically tweet them for you at a given time.

Follow people back

Unless you are already very well established and well-known online then you are going to need to follow people back to maximize the amount of followers you can achieve. If you start tweeting with the hash-tag #teamfollowback at the end of your tweets then people will start to follow you, expecting you to follow them back. This can be a very successful way to gain more followers. As well as this try to follow some of the team follow back accounts on Twitter as people will follow you just because you are following them. If you are going to do this and tweet #teamfollowback then you must actually follow people back. On the other-hand a disadvantage of doing this is that many people may not be interested in what you have to say and are just following you because you follow back. This is your chance to try to impress them with the content you post on Twitter and hopefully get them interested.

Analyse your account

If you want to be able to grow and improve on Twitter then you are going to need to carefully monitor and analyse your Twitter account to see how often you tweet and when you need to tweet more to get the best results. Tweetstats helps you do this with great success. Once you enter your username you are greeted with a load of information about how often you tweet and where you tweet from. It may also be helpful to tell you that 60 percent of people using twitter are using twitter from the web. For this reason make sure that your content is aimed at people sitting on their computers. However about 20 percent of people will be viewing Twitter from their mobiles so for this reason alone you also need to make sure that you content is mobile friendly. If you are using WordPress then click here to read my ultimate WordPress mobile guide.

keep it personal

If you are trying to promote your business online then you can easily get carried away with tweeting all day about how amazing your product is. However what you have to remember is that people are going to unfollow you if the do not think that you are interesting;  they will soon get bored with listening to your promotions and then decide to unfollow you. What is key to dominating Twitter is to be able to get the balance right between promotion and more personal  tweets that people can actually relate to and  are going to enjoy reading. I recommend a ratio of about 1:5 1 personal tweet to every 5 promotional tweets, but this is really up to you and is worth spending some time experimenting with. If you can get retweets on these tweets then this is also going to help improve your Twitter exposure to a new group of people.

Integrate Twitter to your website

If it is possible then integrate Twitter to as much places as you can (even business cards) You can promote your Twitter account for free through your website. By doing this you are allowing your visitors to know that you have Twitter and that they can keep up to date with you but as well as this, if you have a follow button then they can easily follow you straight from your website. If you are using WordPress there are many plugins that allow you to integrate Twitter into your website in just a few clicks.

Tweet in pictures

If you follow some big brands such as Starbucks on Twitter then you will be aware that they often share a lot of photos with their followers. Some of them are of their own products; however many of them are of fun products in their niche. By doing this you can bring your personality across to your followers as well as keeping them entertained. This will help you build up your community on twitter as well as having fun with your followers at the same time.

Target bigger brands

To give your brand a boost on Twitter why not tweet to people in your niche with a lot more followers. These people are bound to have a big influence on Twitter and could really help you out if they reply to you or Retweet you. Many of their followers may be willing to follow you as they know that bigger brands trust you and are in contact with you on Twitter.

Run competitions 

Everyone loves a good offer so why not reward your followers with a competition ? By doing this you can very easily get more visitors to your website, as well as building up your mailing list at the same time. Everyone will be happy. you will have more followers, your followers will be in with a chance at winning a prize and your mailing list could benefit too. A competition may drive some excitement between your Twitter followers and if they are sharing your competition with their followers then you can influence a whole new audience.


Try not to take Twitter too seriously and make sure you interact with your followers and give them what they want to hear. replying to a followers tweet will build up their confidence in you, as well as showing your more human side. Be willing to do this all days of the week. This is when Twitter for mobile comes in useful as you can reply to people on the move and with in the shortest amount of time possible.

I am the founder of Startup Today. I am the main writer and have put in many hours of work into creating this blog. If you want to find out more about me then lets get in contact.

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