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Should Law Firms Have a Facebook Page?

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Should Law Firms Have a Facebook Page?

Many law firms have decided to abstain from putting together a Facebook page, and various factors have been cited for this. A great deal of people see Facebook as a much less professional and grown-up tool as opposed LinkedIn or Twitter, and don’t envisage that it will be a useful part of their social media strategy. Facebook can be seen as a far more personal and informal social media channel as opposed to its rivals, which does explain why so many law firms and professionals are absent from the service.

Attract New Audiences

Nonetheless, some of the law firms and workers that have chosen to sign up for a Facebook page argue that the move has been an incredibly valuable one. Some lawyers and solicitors might say that Facebook allows them to show off their more human, personal side, making them seem more approachable and even trustworthy. Some companies even say that they have been able to attract an amount of business that they may have never been possible without being signed up for a Facebook account.

Best for B2C

A Facebook account for a leading law firm can be wonderful tool as long as it is implemented correctly. It’s said that Facebook is more efficient when it comes to B2C relationships as opposed to B2B connections, but today’s customers are now expecting virtually every company that they can think of to have a Facebook page. This is why it is now increasingly being seen as the most useful and biggest B2C social media channel that there is.  Whitehead Monckton Canterbury solicitors used their Facebook page recently to create awareness of the new location opening up to provide top solicitors in the Canterbury area.

Start a Dialogue

So, what kind of content should you put on your Facebook page? It’s essential that your content is informative and entertaining, or you might see your followers click the ‘unlike’ button extremely quickly. Nurturing conversation with your fans or followers can is essential if your page is going to be of any real use, so you may wish to ask them questions or ask them to take part in polls. Visual content is becoming more and more important as part of the marketing mix, so you may well wish to produce short videos and photos to share with your fans. Facebook gives your potential customers a chance to get to know you, which means that they become more likely to come to you when they need law advice over your rivals once a dialogue is entered into.

A Constant Presence

As social media marketing can be rather time-consuming, you may well wish to enlist the services of an experienced web agency to get the best results. This means that you can focus on your core duties safe in the knowledge that things are being handled competently on your behalf. There are over one billion Facebook members in the world, and more and more people are finding themselves checking their feed as soon as they wake up and even right before they go to bed, getting their news from nowhere else. Most people will need to seek legal advice at some point in their lives, so it seems essential that a law firm should have a presence on Facebook particularly technology law firms such as Waterfront IP Solicitors in London who currently do not have a Facebook page set up.

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