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5 of the best WordPress plugins for implementing Facebook into your website


5 of the best WordPress plugins for implementing Facebook into your website

Facebook is the largest social network on the internet with over 800 million users. This creates a great place for you to promote your business with a fan page.  So how do you get more Facebook fans ? well you can quite easily use Facebook in your website. You want fans that are actually interested in your page and not people that are proberly never going to click on it again.

There are many different ways you can use Facebook in your website and in this post i will show you some of the best WordPress plugins that you can use.


This WordPress plugin that integrates a Facebook like button into your individual blog posts. This allows your readers to easily share your posts on Facebook with a simple click. As well as this you can customize the look and appearance so that it suites the style of your blog.

 Facebook Comments For WordPress

Using this WordPress plugins you can easily use the Facebook comment system in your blog. Once the user is logged into Facebook they can easily leave a comment from their Facebook profile. There are also a huge amount of options and features including email notifications.

Status Press Widget

This is a nice and simple sidebar for your WordPress blog which displays your latest Facebook status. You can also use this widget for Twitter and last FM.

Facebook Fan Box

Using this plugin allows you to add a Facebook fan box inside your blog so users of your website can easily become a fan. This plugin can be placed in the sidebar

Simple Facebook Connect

A nice series of plugins which allows users to easily connect your blog to Facebook. Users can sign into your blog with their Facebook account. Best of all their is no coding needed to have a fully connected Facebook blog.



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