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Seven Ways to Make Skype Your Best Business Tool


Seven Ways to Make Skype Your Best Business Tool

Skype is dead. Long live Skype. Ever since Microsoft took over this disruptive technology, Skype has had the backing of one of the most powerful software companies in the world. While it’s not perfect, it’s definitely an underutilized tool for businesses. If you’re not currently using Skype in your business, you’re missing out.

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Screen Sharing

Skype has one of the coolest features of all video and chat services – the ability to share your screen with other people. It’s one of the software’s best-kept secrets, and allows you to share presentations, show off a webpage you just built, and even demonstrate how to use some new product you’ve been burning the midnight oil over.

To get this feature to work, you can start either a video call or a voice call with the other person. Once you’re connected, just click the “+” icon and then select “Share Screen.” A little box will appear. Click “Start.” Done. Your entire screen is shared with the other person. If you just want to share a specific window, click the down arrow and choose “Share window.” Then, choose the window you want to share.

It’s pretty intuitive, but powerful – especially if you’re used to doing presentations with clients. Now there’s no need to leave the office.

Record All Calls

It stirs up negatives feelings in the minds of many people, but recording your phone calls can be very valuable. In all but a few states, you need permission from all parties being recorded before you can record the call.

But don’t think of this as a creepy manurer. This feature is excellent for phone interviews where the other person is happy to let you record everything they say and do. What’s more, if you have a quality phone from a company like liGo, it’s going to sound like you’re hooked up to professional recording equipment.

Add A Skype Button To Your Website

If you do business internationally, adding a Skype button to your website makes it easy for customers to reach you without having to spend money on an international call. Choose a button style that works well with your site, and insert the code. It’s easy, and it opens the lines of communication with people who otherwise would never be able to do business with you.

Use Call Conferencing

Skype’s conference call feature simplifies the process of doing what otherwise is a big hassle. Rather than downloading special conference software, installing it, logging in, giving your credentials, dialling a special number on your mobile, opening a chat box, and trying to navigate a cramped user interface, all you have to do is open Skype and start the call.

Bypass Your Carrier On Text Messages

Mobile carriers hate this, and it’s another one of Skype’s secrets. You can send SMS texts to any contact for less than what most carriers charge. It’s also more convenient to use your keyboard than your phone.

Get a Skype Number

Having a Skype button on your site is one thing, but you can’t give that out to clients when you’re out and about. That’s why Skype lets you set up your own number so that you can have people call you as though they were calling any other business line.

It’s a dedicated number that people can call you on from landlines and mobiles. When the call comes in, Skype will ring the same as it does any other Skype-to-Skype call. You even get full caller ID. There is a cost associated with the service, but you get all the usual phone features like call-forwarding, voice mail, and the option of associating up to 10 numbers with one Skype account.

Use Skype For Cheap WiFi

Hotels and motels love to charge a premium for Wi-Fi access. Skype is changing that with Skype Wi-Fi – great if you travel a lot for business. You do need to have credits on your Skype account, but the company promises that it will most likely be cheaper than what you’d pay if you had to purchase it from the place you’re staying.

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