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Choosing a Car as a Start-up Business Owner


Choosing a Car as a Start-up Business Owner

If your new start-up business requires substantial travelling then it may be time to invest in a new vehicle. Buying a car is a big expense and should be looked at just the same as any other business decision.

The most important factor to consider is the cost. With a start-up business your profits can often fluctuate between months so you need to ensure that you will still be able to afford the vehicle despite a drop in sales.  There are many methods of purchasing vehicles these days and one of the most popular is financing such as BMW cars on finance. There are many benefits of financing, such as your payments being in regular fixed amounts; allowing you to plan your finances. Leasing also means low capital investment so you are not taking potential large amounts out of your business.

The choice of car is also an important factor to consider. The car you drive will often give a first impression of your business. For this reason your vehicle should look smart, professional and suitable to your business niche. Furthermore the function of a new car should also be considered. If you are clocking up substantial miles travelling, then an economical car will be appropriate. There are many suitable business cars currently available that offer significantly high MPG (miles per gallon). An economical car will often reduce the cost of taxing your car as well. If you are aiming for efficient running of your business then an economical vehicle is key.  An in built hands-free may also be essential if you need to take business calls on the move.

Your new vehicle could also be incorporated into your business marketing strategy. For many business owners, their cars provide a great place to advertise their business. Decals or magnetic stickers are popular forms of car advertisements.  If you are driving around a lot then you could take advantage of a lot of potential free advertising. A new car also creates a professional and prestige look for your business.

The time of year that you purchase your car can often have an impact on the price you pay. Certain times of the year with slow sales often allow you to negotiate a better rate and therefore have more money to invest in your start-up. January is often a good time to buy a new car as less people tend to buy cars just after Christmas. When new cars are released in autumn, dealers often lower the prices of current cars to make way for new models.

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