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Would You Buy Your Desk if it Was a Car?


Would You Buy Your Desk if it Was a Car?

When most people think about buying the car of their dreams, their thoughts immediately turn to high performance engines, seductively attractive interiors and an energy efficiency which is off the charts. Imagining a high-end motor which gives you superlative torque, an enviable appearance and plenty of miles for your money all for the modest budget you have available is a delicious fantasy. So why not apply the same thought process to your office furniture? If your desk was a car, what would you want from it? Perhaps more importantly, is there a desk out there that can meet your rigorous requirements?

Perfect Performance

Obviously a desk needs to be comfortable to sit at. It needs to be adjustable to suit your individual needs, in the same way as the seat, steering wheel and rear view mirror can all be customised to your taste in a car. Your desk needs to be responsive, capable of adapting to the changing needs of your working day. Its height must alter quickly and effortlessly, enabling you to sit or stand whenever you wish and still have almost immediate comfortable access to whatever you need to perform effectively. A sit stand desk fulfils these functional requirements admirably, undertaking rapid height transformations quietly and efficiently using a powerful electric motor.

Energy Efficient

With the price of fuel continuing to rise alarmingly, motorists demand a vehicle which gives them more for less in every way. Similarly, your desk needs to enable you to work harder, faster and more productively than other models on the market, giving you more successful outcomes than a basic variety. Again, the sit stand desk scores valuable points. Its design has been based on a number of scientific studies which have demonstrated that work done standing up tends to be more focussed and completed more quickly. Standing for some parts of the working day can help reduce the risk of various chronic ailments, so a sit stand desk like the Holmris Q20 is definitely an energy efficient investment.

The Right Image

A luxury car is all about conveying your own personal style statement, demonstrating your individual values and taste. A modern desk benefiting from contemporary styling as part of a smart, up-to-date office environment conveys just the right message to clients and co-workers. If you want to be seen as cutting-edge, creative and a “wrong thinker”, then a sit stand desk makes a powerful unspoken statement of your core capabilities even before you’ve started to speak. Selecting appropriate office furniture is all part of conveying that your company, and you, are the preferred choice to do business with.

With such a fantastic range of adaptable, beguiling office furniture currently on the market, selecting the pieces you need should be a fun, exciting experience. Enjoy the process of identifying attractive furniture items which will give you what you want and more, allowing you to showcase your individual tastes and work better, faster and more creatively than ever before.

Jon Dunn writes about furniture for Somercourt are leading UK suppliers of modern & contemporary reception furniture.

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