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5 Office Perks Your Employees Will Love


5 Office Perks Your Employees Will Love

When it comes to keeping your worker bees happy and motivated, nothing works quite like a good office perk. These are little freebies and extras that come with working at your company. It’s the little things that keep us all happy. The smallest things can make our day, so take advantage of this in your office. On a larger scale, nothing is more effective than providing a strong support system for your employees. Today we’re going to look at some of the best perks in the business.

  1. Breakfast

This is such a simple thing, but it works wonders. There’s nothing better than arriving at the office to a good cup of fresh coffee and a pastry. It cheers your workers up no end and puts a little smile on their face when they walk in. It works heavily in your favour too. Studies have shown that when employees have breakfast, they work harder and longer in the morning. A little continental breakfast will unlock their productivity and get them motivated.

  1. Employee assistance

More and more companies are adding employee assistance providers to their perks package. The industry is growing rapidly, and with good reason. This particular perk intends to provide a stable emotional support system for your workers. It offers them care and support for personal problems. For example, it can help them through a divorce or provide counselling for depression or anxiety. This helps support your team through difficult personal circumstances.

  1. Health insurance, pensions and death in service

We’ve grouped these three together as they inhabit a similar space. They all aim to provide a strong support system for you employees’ family. Health insurance ensures that you get the best possible treatment in a time of need. Pensions or 401(k) schemes can be very effective in retaining loyal employees. Finally, a death in service payout will support your workers’ family if the worst happens.

  1. Company car

This isn’t quite as common as it once was, but employees still love a good company car! When you choose the right company car, it can save your workers a huge expense. With tax, insurance and fuel often covered by the employer, this is a fantastic perk. When out on business, your employees are representing your company. That means they need to arrive in a professional looking car.

  1. Recreation areas

We really believe strongly in the power of the recreation area. Trust us, it’s not just for slacking off! A small area where your employees can play ping pong or table football can work wonders. Try to work this into your office design. They’ll love the freedom and the break from work. The break will be great for their productivity. It’s fantastic way to build relationships within the company too. They’ll bond over the ping pong table and maybe even bounce ideas off each other. They’ll be more comfortable communicating and sharing ideas. This is all great news for your business!

All employees appreciate a good office perk. From a simple morning bagel to a company car, it all helps keep your workers at their best!


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